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I) In case of interest, please offer your own or direct sale ships only, incl. price and photo, see now more in:

DEMANDS for purchase of ships from 9.10.2019,

1) PE for: Dbl end open deck ferry; Loa abt 100M; Budget: abt 2,5MUS$

2) PE for: Bulker; abt 75 000 DWT; BLD mid 10's onwards.

3) PE for: Patrol boat/crew tender; Loa abt 40M; BLD ely 10's onwards with steel; some weapons on deck will be nice.

4) PE for: Tween deck vessel; abt 20 000 DWT; BLD in the 00's; IACS ice class valid; cranes; Budget: abt 3,5%

5) PE for: PSV; abt 5 000 DWT; BLD ely 10's onwards; abt 1 000 M2 clear deck.

6) PE for: Sea river vessel dry cgo; abt 5 000 DWT; BLD 90 onwards

7) PE for: Flat top barge; abt 3 000 DWT; BLD 80 onwards.

8) PE for: Bulker; abt 60 000 DWT; BLD mid 10's onwards.

9) PE for: MPP gen cgo vessel; abt 8 000 DWT; BLD 90 onwards; boxed holds; craned + boxed holds; Budget: abt 2,5 MUS$


II) here you have some of our today fresh demand for charter ships below, see now more  in:

DEMANDS for charter ships from 9.10.2019,

1) CHARTERER SEEK FOR TC 1 year; LYCAN in 42 - 43 week in MED/EU; abt 28 000 DWT; Bulker; abt 30 000 DWT.

2) CHARTERER SEEK FOR TC 6 mos; LYCAN FAR EAST in 42 - 43 week; Craned grabber; size SMAX.


III) here you have some of our today fresh ship's cargo offers below, see now more in:


1) 20 000 MTS mins in blk; LYCAN in 42 - 43 week; 1,25%

2) 25 000 MTS stl prod; LYCAN spot/ppt; 1,25%

3) 30 000 MTS ferts in blk; LYCAN spot: 2,5%

4) 35 000 MTS ferts in blk; LYCAN spot: 2,5%                  


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