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TeenBookCon Code of Conduct
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TeenBookCon Code of Conduct

TeenBookCon is committed to providing a safe environment free of harassment, discrimination, and threatening or disrespectful behavior for all attendees at our events including authors, industry professionals, moderators, volunteers, exhibitors, staff, media, and members of the general public.

TeenBookCon welcomes attendees and participants of all genders, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, physical appearances, body sizes, races and religions. We are dedicated to creating safe and accepting environments for people to engage with literature and ideas.

We do not tolerate harassment in any form and reserve the right to remove from TeenBookCon those who engage in harassing behavior including unwanted advances, stalking, verbal threats, inappropriate statements or gestures, sustained disruption of speakers, and disrespectful comments that go beyond the boundaries of civil disagreement and civic discourse. Attendees have the right to express their own beliefs and views (personal, political, and otherwise) as long as it is in a non-threatening, non-disruptive manner.

Updated 3/19/22