logo 10-15_v2  2019-2020 Tuition, Fees & Financial Aid

Application Fee - processed online at the end of application        

$  50.00

Registration Fee

  • for new students - due within 10 days of acceptance notice


  • for re-enrolling students - received by January 31st        


  • for re-enrolling students - received after January 31st


Activity Fee - due on May 1st or within 10 days of acceptance notice



Tuition Rates




Transitional Kindergarten

(for children turning 5 yrs old by Dec. 31st)



Kindergarten - 2nd grade



3rd - 5th grade



6th - 8th grade






Transitional Kindergarten

(for children turning 5 yrs old by Dec. 31st)



Kindergarten - 2nd grade



3rd - 5th grade



6th - 8th grade



Tuition Discounts - Siblings

1st Child (enrolled in highest grade)

2nd Child

3rd Child

4th Child (and any additional)

all rates above apply

15% tuition discount

30% tuition discount

45% tuition discount

Annual Tuition Payment Discount

An additional 3% discount is available for annual tuition payments. This discount is not available to families that receive financial aid (see below). The school must receive the full payment by July 10th to qualify for this discount.

Payment Schedule and Late Fees

Tuition will draft through your FACTS account either the 1st  or 10th of each month, July - May (late fees do apply).

* Tuition is payable at the “Member” rate if at least one parent is a communicant member in good standing of Redeemer Presbyterian Church or a sister PCA Church (currently Hope, New Hope, Grace, Salem, Southside, or Yadkin Valley). If neither parent is a communicant member of these churches, then tuition is payable at the “Non-Member” rate.

Financial Aid

Redeemer School provides limited Tuition Assistance Grants for families based on financial need, without regard to race, color, national or ethnic origin.

Redeemer School also provides two scholarships called Bless the Community (BTC) and Bless the Nations (BTN) scholarships. The BTC scholarship provides financial aid for ethnic minority families, who also demonstrate financial need. The BTN scholarship provides financial aid for missionary families who are on furlough through an established missions agency and who demonstrate financial need.

Financial Aid applications for Tuition Assistance Grants, Bless the Community Scholarships, and Bless the Nations Scholarships are all processed online through FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition). FAST assists Redeemer School in determining a family’s financial need and the amount of financial assistance they may qualify for.

Applications for tuition assistance may be completed online at FAST after a completed application for enrollment (or re-enrollment is received).  The FAST application includes a $45 application fee charged to the family. For questions about filling out the FAST Financial Aid application, please contact help@ismfast.com or call 1-877-326-FAST. (The FAST call center is answered 24/7/365!)

Financial Aid applications must be completed by February 28th to be assured priority consideration. The school finance committee will notify families of a financial aid decision by end of March, based on FAST recommendations and available tuition assistance funds.

After completing your Enrollment application,

you may begin a FAST Financial Aid application:

Apply for Financial Aid Here

Redeemer School also participates in the Opportunity Scholarship program, offered by the state of North Carolina.  Children entering Kindergarten or First Grade next year, or who are currently enrolled in a NC public school, may be eligible to receive a scholarship to help cover tuition and fees at private schools.  

See information about eligibility, requirements, and how to apply on the NCSEAA Opportunity Scholarship website. (According to their website, Opportunity Scholarship applications do not become available until February 1st and must be completed by March 1st for priority consideration.)

(Please note that Redeemer School requires that families who apply for the Opportunity Scholarship also apply for Redeemer School Financial Aid through FAST. For families awarded an Opportunity Scholarship, this scholarship takes precedence over any earlier awarded Redeemer School Financial Aid.  The family’s FAST application can also be re-evaluated for any additional Redeemer School Financial Aid, upon request.)