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MAP Resources Content Guidelines
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MAP Resources Content Guidelines

We reserve the right to exclude resources that violate these. Let us know if we link to a non-compliant site.


These guidelines apply to the resource being evaluated, any social media profiles and websites controlled by the group providing the resource, and staff members and affiliates of that group.


Information must be accurate and up-to-date, particularly on these subjects:

Treatment and support programs must be based on up-to-date research.


No term for MAPs (or subcategories) may be used interchangeably with a term for abusers.

Fearmongering and other manipulative tactics may not be used to promote a service.

Moral judgments may not be applied to unchosen traits or harmless actions.


Harmful “treatments” may not be promoted, including any of the following:

Self-acceptance must be promoted under all treatment or support programs.

Helplines must be available in some capacity at all times.


Reasonable measures must be taken to protect the privacy or anonymity of users.

Peer support groups must be moderated and run by minor-attracted people.

Support groups must include spaces that are only accessible to members.

Support groups may not allow contact discourse in public spaces.


The following must be prohibited: