Host Guide

On Wednesday, February 5th, the Senate’s sham trial will conclude. At 5:30 PM, activists around the nation will gather to tell him and his cronies that, in the eyes of the American people, he is guilty, has been impeached and should be removed. Any vote for acquittal is a vote for the destruction of democracy.

Find materials below you can use to help plan and promote your event, including a list of documents that hosts can read aloud to highlight the reality that the GOP has staged a partisan coverup to defend a man who has actively worked to erode our democracy.

Watch the Host Training Video here.


  1. Register your Event
  2. Before the Event
  3. During the Event
  4. After the Event


Register your Event

We are using a platform called Action Network for these events (this is different from what we have previously used for No One Is Above The Law events).

Register your event here: 

This will require you to create an account, but that process is simple. The process for setting up these event is pretty straight-forward.

Make sure you press “Save and Publish” - as image below indicates:

Once you publish you will see this page.

Once you have registered your event, and people RSVP, you will be able to view that list and contact them.

You can find the page to manage your event at the url for your event /manage

So for example if your event is at, your url will be at

For technical support, contact Jack Mumby at

Before the Event

1. Choose your type of event.

Things you should consider:

2. Choose a time for your event.

3. Policies, permits, and safety

4. Plan logistics.

Decide what volunteer roles need to be filled. Depending on the size of your event, you may have your hands full during the event. If you have an idea of what roles you’ll need, you can recruit for them specifically, or you can build the roles based on the people you recruit. If stretched for volunteers, more than one person can have multiple roles. If you have many volunteers, you can assign multiple people the same roles and have them work together.

Here are potential roles to consider:

6. Prepare the basic materials you'll need.        

What resources do you already have? What resources will you need to find? Do you need to buy/bring things? Are you going to ask your volunteer helpers to bring anything?

7. Recruit people to your event.

8. Press Outreach

8. Have a final check-in call.


9. Make final preparations—including reminder calls.

As soon as you know the events will happen, make sure you're ready! Re­read this guide and review all of your materials. Also, be sure to check in with any local partner organizations before the event to finalize any logistics items and talk through any questions.        

Be sure to send a final reminder email to your event’s attendees the evening or morning before your event -- follow the steps in this guide, with a sample email you can copy and paste.                

During the Event

1. Arrive 30 minutes early for set-up.

2. Start on time (or as close to it as possible). 

Don't delay more than ten minutes after your advertised start time—especially if any reporters are there.

3. Follow the agenda.

You and your volunteers should have created an agenda before the event. Make sure you follow it, because it will help with the flow on the day of.

4. Remain law-abiding.

5. Tell the story of your event.

We want these events to be reported by the press and to be trending on social media.

You, your helpers, and your attendees should take photos, take video, live Tweet/Facebook and tag people that need to be tagged elected, orgs, news outlet, etc.

6. HAVE FUN!                                        

After the Event                                                        

1. Follow up with the media.

2. Follow up with folks who registered for your event.

3. Email any remaining photos. 

4. Let us know who showed up and how it went!