Mantis Digital Maintenance Terms and Conditions

  1. Definitions

  1. TMP: Technical Maintenance Plan
  2. MD, we, us: Mantis Digital
  3. The client, you: the client
  1. Agreement

  1. This agreement covers the provision of services by Mantis Digital to the client under the Technical Maintenance Plan.
  1. Acceptance of General Terms & Conditions

  1. By entering into this agreement, the Client additionally agrees to MD’s General Terms & Conditions, found at:
  1. Term

  1. The TMP will run on a three month rolling term.
  1. Frequency

  1. We have determined quarterly updates to be the most effective frequency at which to perform technical updates. You can choose to reduce this frequency but we advise against this as reduction of frequency is commensurate with an increase in risk.
  1. Automatic renewal

  1. Unless mutually agreed otherwise, the TMP is deemed to renew automatically at the end of the current term for the same period again on the same terms and conditions.
  1. Termination

  1. At any time following the first anniversary of the TMP either party may give 30 days’ notice to terminate the TMP.
  1. Payment terms

  1. MD will invoice on completion of work on 14 day payment terms.
  1. Rate

  1. The maintenance rate is a fixed rate, subject to change and the current rate can be found here:
  1. On-charging costs

  1. The TMP rate doesn’t cover any costs we might incur on your behalf (e.g. plugin purchase) and those will be on-charged. Any such charges will be confirmed with you in advance.
  1. Refunds

  1. The Client shall not be entitled to any refund or credit of money paid in advance.
  1. Services rendered

  1. The TMP service covers:
  1. Site back-up and provision of a sandbox/staging environment for the duration of the TMP work.
  2. Installation of WordPress Core updates*
  3. Installation of Plugin updates*
  4. Installation of security updates/patches
  5. Compatibility assessment of interconnected functionality
  6. *MD reserves the right to withhold updates if we deem them to be insecure or compromised.
  1. The TMP does not cover:
  1. Rectification of issues arising out of incompatibility of old and new code
  2. Content entry
  3. Design or development work
  1. Overages

  1. If further development work is required as an outcome of the maintenance work, we will notify you to inform you of any increase in budget.
  1. Reporting

  1. We will notify you in advance of when we intend to perform the TMP to ensure your site retains its integrity between versions.
  2. We will report at the conclusion of the TMP with a summary of the work completed.