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2 - “Onion Skin” will be added for Frame Animators. (Testing Level)

3 - Better Drawing Performance (Testing Level)

4 - Cloud Storage Access for Multi Board Presentation Makeups.


1 - Due to Windows API bugs, Rarely some keys stay displaying even if they are not pressing anymore. (2020.3.5)

2 - will test for dual/multi monitors.(IT IS OKAY. Bugs about this issue are fixed.(2020.3.3)

3 - Screen and Audio Recording as Video (2020.5.0)

4 - Remove Audio Noise on Recorded Video.(2020.5.2)

5 - Smaller OSD Themes or Better OSD Graphics Customization(2020.5.2)

6 - Digital Pen Pressure Support. (2020.7.9)

7 - Localization for Panel Interface and all messages.(2020.7.4)

8 - “Record Monitor” function regardless of Presentation Mode. (Record Screen was already defined before. But it was working only if Presentation Mode is active)


- 200 Geometry Math Question Schemas. (will be available in Vector Library)


- An option to “Remove Black Board Backgrounds in Slides” on PDF Export.

- Electronic Circuit Diagrams adding to Crealesson Panoplied Version (Amount of 184)




- New blackboards added (Settings > Presentation > Retro Style Blackboard > Old School Blue, Old School Green,Winter Semester)

- Font Specification Functionality added for Text Tool (Press Ctrl+1..9 to change selected Texts’ font styles ,Settings > Presentation > Text Styles)

-Bug Fixes.


- setup speed improved.

- "Hide Crealesson Panel on startup" option added

- Code Optimizations.
- Future Development tasks added to continue this project.
- Crealesson freeware is now freemium. no longer free . The costs of the development environment and the library used must be paid. This project can only continue to be developed and updated with your support.


- “Data Error” as attempting to insert graphics into boards. Fixed.
- Possible conflicts have been removed from the problems.


- Presentation > Hide Hints (Disables hints located bottom right in presentation mode)
Setting “On Screen Display > Transparency” to 0 hides totally OSD

- Saving recorded video ends unexpected error due to religional decimal separator problem fixed.

- Crop tool cursor  visibility improved.


- Cursor Display bugs fixed. (Correct colors for disc,case,circle tools)
- Presentation > Arrow Reversed option added.


- Reported. Language of the User Interface was not changing in some languages. Fixed.


- ArrowHead Option Added in Settings>Presentation

- 0..9 and keys for width of selected arrows

  (CTRL or ALT Key to Restrict 0 45 90 degree for Arrows about to be inserted)
 (SHIFT key to temporary disable ArrowHeads about to be inserted)

- The "Stop Video Recording When Exiting Presentation Mode" mode setting was not saved for the next startup. Fixed.


- Settings> OnScreen Display >”Magnifier Frame Color” Option Added.

- Magnifier Point Added. (Same color with “Magnifier Frame Color”)

- Function Hotkeys should not function for background apps eg. F1. Fixed.

- More Bug Fixes.


- Magnifier can be activated on screen following the mouse cursor also without activating presentation mode.

  Magnifier Default Shortcut is now F12 (M hotkey removed)
 You can Resize Magnifier Window by Holding CTRLand Drag from window sides

-  Press SHIFT to add Arrows without auto-numbering. (also arrow size optimized)

- On Screen Display > Magnifier Zoom Factor Option Added

- Less than 10 seconds Screen Recording, automatically cancels recording when recording is stopped to save the video.
- More Bug Fixes.
- Some more missing English User Interface Sentences are localized.


- 47 Missing English User Interface Sentences is now localized.

- Double Pen Click to Zoom in and out interrupts unexpectedly. Fixed.


- Graphics Tablet, Eraser / Pen Button Toggle added. Now the pen / eraser switching ALSO can be set via tablet pen eraser/pen switch button.

 (easier to access in circular menu) or keyboard shortcuts. Now crealesson became more easy to use)

How to Use Crealesson with Tablet on Youtube:


- Graphics Tablet > Minimum Opacity Value Added (Default 60%)


- Eraser Size does not store in Pen Tablets. Fixed.

- Double Click-Pen to Zoom in and Out Option Added (Default: True, Therefore double click to toggle video recording unchecked)
 (Rarely zoom interrupts before its progression completes. In this case double click-pen again)

  (Only works on Pen Tablets)

- Presentation > Double Click Behaviour Section Added
        - Double Click-Pen to Left / Right Zone Pixel Tolerance Option Added.(Default 40px)

- Double Click-Pen to Left Zone of Presentation navigates to Prior Slide

- Double Click-Pen to Right Zone of Presentation navigates to Prior Slide

- Settings>Screen Recording>Play As Background Music Loop option added (default:unchecked)
(plays selected loop as presentation mode starts)
- Settings>Screen Recording>Selected Loop Music also now plays mp3s.


- Magnify Tool Added (Default Shortcut : M)

- Text tool Accepts automatically and returns to selection mode as the mouse moves out of the textbox area.

- SoundFx engine optimized.

- Desktop Wallpaper modify functionality temporarily removed (will be added on any request.)

- F1..F9 Keys to recolor functionality removed.

- F2 key is to edit selected text. (This is Windows standard).

- Presentation>Smooth Zoom In/Out Option Added. (Default:active)
Note 1: Middle Mouse Click Zooms in and out immediately to the last zoom value.

Note 2: Hold Pen Press for 3 seconds should open the circular menu in presentation mode. (Tested on XP-Pen Tablet)


- Deselection of all selected objects when the crop tool is activated.


- On Screen Display Performance Optimized. (Autodesk Maya Viewport Interaction Lags due to Crealesson OSD. Fixed)


- Arrow Tool Added (auto numbering is optional, Default Hotkey is: X, Arrow Color is initially auto contrast )
- Help Menu > Import / Export Settings added.

- ”None” option removed from Presentation Hotkey.

- “Next / Prior Slide”and “Arrow Tool” Added to Command Wheel.

- Some Bugs Found and Fixed.


- Middle Mouse Click toggles zoom in and out to mouse location. (remembers last zoom in value)(previously it was only acting as zoom out)

- Spacebar to Open Command Wheel should not work in ghost mode. Fixed. (Reminder: Ctrl+G is Ghost Mode).

- Hotkeys should not work (Except Ctrl+G to Ghost Mode Toggle Hotkey) in Ghost Mode. Fixed.


- Auto Contrast Font Color for newly Inserting Texts
- Embedded images were corrupting slides (was generating data error).Fixed.


- Chinese Simplified UI language words corrected (thanks andy chen)
- Chinese Traditional UI language added (thanks andy chen)

-Softer Drawing (default:checked)

-Opacity by Pen Pressure (Settings>Graphics Tablet>Opacity by Pen Pressure) (default:checked) (effects for pen and chalk pen)

- SDL Diagrams added. (Amount of 17)

- OSD Hotkey was not functioning in version 2020.7.12 due to new options. (Fixed)


- The first attempt to disable Presentation Mode via shortcut was not working. Fixed. (Reported)

- New Shortcut to toggle Presentation Mode (Middle Mouse Click)

- Code Optimizations.


- New option Added.(Settings > Screen Recording > “Stop Video Recording as Exit Presentation Mode”. (default:true))


- Bug Fixes, Code optimizations.

- Some Localization Fixes.


- Presentation and OSD Hotkeys conflict prevented.

- Initially Pen Pressure Sensitivity Added. Settings> Graphics Tablet (Tested with Wacom Intuos Pro & XP-Pen Deco3)

- Graphics tablet usage performance is better than drawing with a mouse. Graphics tablets are recommended rather than mouse.


- Start / Pause / Resume Video Recording Shortcut Added. (Default F9)

- Stop Video Recording Added. (Default F10)

- Installation Reduced down to 40mb. Big Background Audio Replacement Files are optionally downloadable.

- Update Inside App Added. (Menu > Update > Check New Version)

- Ctrl+Y shortcut functioning as Redo. (also Ctrl+Shift+Z. Backspace/Ctrl+Z is undo)


- Crea Mentor Added (How to Video Instructions)

- Crop is not cropping if inserted pictures are not rastered. Fixed.

- Retro Style Blackboard Preview disappeared due to the big button separated to 3. Added new Retro Style Blackboard Preview Region.

- Camera is activated only for board video recording. Now it also displays in “Record Screen” mode.

- Camera initial position set to bottom right.


- Opening Crea Files (*.crea) was not functioning. Fixed.

- Check options display wrong width regarding localized texts. Fixed.

- Clicking the taskbar icon does not bring the Crealesson Panel to front. Fixed.

- Functions simplified. Top button separated into three:
1- Start Drawing on screen
2- Start Drawing on Blackboard
3- Start Recording Screen


- Language Flags reordered by language popularity.

- Some missed Dialogues Localized.

- Regular Minimize Button added in System Menu.
- Big Button automatically functions to activate presentation mode. (not to minimize anymore.)

- Some Bug Fixes.


- Full User Interface Localization for 16 languages. (other languages will be added periodically)

   (Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian,  Spanish, Turkish, Vietnam)

- The Pen and Chalk Cursors are now changing according to any selected color. (works also with color picker)

- Eraser Symbol Redesigned.

- “Startup Pen Color” option was always overriding the last selected color. Fixed.

- Bug Fixes and Code optimizations.


- Command Wheel was not showing due to the conflict of the camera window. (in Cam Ghost Mode). Fixed.


- The Recording Screen was not functioning when no microphone existed. Fixed.

- “Video Recording” section renamed to “Screen Recording”

- “Audio Background Replacement” was not functioning when no Audio in device existed or “Record Audio In” was not checked. Fixed.


- Movable, Resizable and Transparensable Overlay Camera Panel Integrated (Useful while Lesson Screen Recording.Students will see teacher’s face mimics)

- ”Camera” Settings Added.

- Camera Ghost Mode. GhostMode (Ctrl+G By Default) also toggles Camera on screen. (if camera not active, treats as normal ghost mode)

  (by this way you can create a semi mirroring effect. Students can see you and the lesson is the same frame.
 in Cam ghost Mode, you can draw and use whole screen also on Camera Zone)

- Ctrl+PLUS AND MINUS Hotkey increases/decreases the Camera semi-transparency. (if Cam Ghost Mode is on )

- Mouse Scroll Up/Down on Camera also increases/decreases the webcam semi transparency. (if Cam Ghost Mode is off)

- Lag Issue on the first stroke of pen/chalk if the slide page is empty. Fixed.

- Right Click on Camera Window to access Popup Menu Options added. (Fit To Screen, Activate Cam Ghost Mode, Close Camera)

- Drawing Circle/PolyLines using Pen / Chalk was drawing incorrect locations except the 1st screen on the multi monitor Systems. Fixed.


- Huge Code Optimizations. Converted to 64Bit Architecture. (Means no longer old x86/32bit windows support. For now and than, Only x64 Windows Systems)

- Initial Default Tool Type changed from pen to chalk. (chalk is kewl)

- Version Alias renamed to “Alpha Centauri”


- New Section Added. “Video Effects”.

- Custom Transparent Watermark png logo can be embedded into video tutorials that you generate right in crealesson. (only available for Pro version)

- Custom Opacity Value for Watermark png Logo option added. (only available for Pro version)

- Fade In Delay At Video Startup. FadeOut Delay At the end of Video options added.

- Presentation > Command Wheel > Opacity Option added.

- Presentation > Command Wheel > Scale Option added.

- Some Cute Bugs Cleared.


- Objects become unselectable if any drawings exist. Fixed.

- Stamp Mode added. (Unerasable Mode (Pen or Chalk). To prevent some parts of drawings from erasing. Mimics Edding750 Pen. Stamps can erasable using DEL shortcut or undo operation (BACKSPACE shortcut))


- Insert Multiple Graphics at once functionality added.

-New Graphics formats supported to import (*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.jpe;*.png;*.svg;*.psd;*.jfif;*.tga;*.gif;*.heic;*.heif;*.heics;*.avcs;*.heifs;*.webp;*.tif;*.tiff)

-Shortcuts for Increase / Decrease Transparency of Ghost Screen available (Ctrl + and -)

-“Help Videos” Tab Enabled.


- Alt+Click functioning as drawing circles using pen or chalk.

- “Cancel Video Recording” button added to Command Wheel.


- Ctrl+Click to draw straight line was not working correctly if zoom is > 100%


-Ctrl + Click functioning as drawing straight lines using pen or chalk.

-9 Natural Blackboard Backgrounds can be selectable Presentation > BlackBoard (mimics more realistic board environment)

-Haze function cancels on first right mouse scroll. Fixed.

-Cursor for Chalk.


-UP or RIGHT / DOWN or LEFT keys to cycle select vector objects on page. (by default previously was undo/redo hotkeys)

-Better text Region calculation.


-Cut, Copy, Paste (Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) was not functioning in text edit mode. Fixed.

-hotkeys assigned for crealesson (e.g. Cut, Copy, Paste (Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) were to prevent processing other applications. Fixed.

-”Record Video” button added to Command Wheel.

- Command Wheel Redesigned. Some bugs relevant to wheel Fixed.


-Command Wheel Added (default hotkey: SPACEBAR / Right Mouse Click). CommandWheel is a Circular Panel that includes all tools.(useful for who don’t want to use hotkeys)

-Ghost Mode Real Transparency.

-Insert Arc Tool Added.

-Double Click to line to edit points functionality added.

-Hotkeys should not work in Ghost Mode. Fixed.


2020.5.2>06-25-2020 ( BIG UPDATE )

-Audio Noise on Record Video functionality added in Section “Video Recording > Sound In Noise Reduction”.

(Depending on your audio in hardware and environment, alternatively 2 methods added. 1- High / Low Frequency  Restriction. 2-Remove Noise By Room Tone )

-Mouse OSD Scaling option added (now you can resize your mouse OSD to Default / Small / Smaller / Smallest. Even you can still pretty see smooth key labels)

-Color Hotkeys now also affect Selected Vector Colors. (Default Color Hotkeys: R, O, Y, N, G, A, U, B, W)

-Video Output was unrecognized by Camtasia or Windows Media Player however vlc player could open it. Fixed.

-“Hide to Taskbar” Big Button Display Smoothness Quality improved regarding Windows Font-Scale.

-Key Label Font Color Customization Added.

-Default Pen Color Palette Range Expanded from 8 to 128

-”Line Tool” now draws polygon shapes (not just a line only. Also mimics as vectoral freehand). Easier to draw geometric shapes.

-Text Font Size <Lorem Ipsum> Preview before getting inserted.

- 8 Deep memory leaks detected in OSD Engine and Application Wide. All Fixed.

-Crealesson 2020.5.2 version’s moniker is now “Zeta Reticuli” (prior big update’s moniker was “Cupertino”)

-Current Theme design bugs fixed.

2020.5.0>06-07-2020 (LAST UPDATE)

-Screen and Audio Recording as Video Files functionality added. (you dont need anymore other app to record screen tutorial)

Double Click on Presentation Board (start / pause / resume video recording)

-Ctrl+G : Toggle Ghost Mode (Now you may use crealesson as an art reference tool.)

-Custom Directory Selection to import Image / Vector

-UI Pen Colored Labels layout conflict as Windows Font Scale Changed. Fixed.

-Freemium Version Slide Pages Limited up to 5 (-2,-1,0,1,2)


-Crealesson Now has a document extension. Slides in one file. File extension is *.crea (file extension crea registered via installation)

-Ctrl+Del : Deletes Current Page

-Ctrl+D: Clone Page

-”Set as Background Color” added to the colorpalette popup menu.

-Stylized Default Cursors (in Mouse section)

-Vector Library Enhanced

-Bug Fixes.

2020.3.8> 05-18-2020

-Toggle off zoom out bug fixed.

2020.3.7> 05-18-2020

-”Startup Pen Color” checkbox added. Checked means always start with startup pen color. Uncheck to remember the last pen color.

2020.3.6> 05-17-2020  (BIG UPDATE)

-Fast Pan via Right  MouseClick was rarely flickering the screen position. Fixed.
-Default Page Size Option added for faster speed (Performance > Default Page Size) 0.5x 2x 1x(Which is by default)

-Performance Tab Added.

-UI Simplified and Redesigned.

-Chalk Pen Mode Added (K is Default hotkey)

-Pesky bugs Fixed.(reproduce:click colorpicker, then insert vector. Than draw pen was cause of vector loss instead of rastering)

-Vector Library Enhanced and reorganized.

-Pressing Color Hotkeys, sets to pen mode, if the Eraser is active. No need to “P” hotkey again.

-Crop And Chalk Mode added to “Tool Startup” (Tool Startup Mode=”Startup Pen Mode”).

-Color Palette Issues Fixed.(also “Double Click to Close” functionality added)

-Insert Image Window Optimized for speed. (reminder: “press (.)dot key to insert images in Presentation Mode”)

2020.3.5> 05-08-2020

-Since 2009, A Hidden Little Big Memory Leak Bug for OSD mechanism that causes increase memory allocation found and fixed (probably rare Key Staying problems fixed)

-Color Palette added to color picker (right click to select) (aco,pal,act)

-”Reset All App Settings” added to the menu.

-Some Bugs Fixed.

2020.3.4> 05-06-2020

-Fixed a bug for “Set as Wallpaper” functionality.

-Entering Presentation Mode hides Crealesson Settings Window even if it is not.

-Undo (BACKSPACE KEY) twice operation bug fixed.

2020.3.3> 05-05-2020

-Multi Monitor Bugs.Fixed.

-New Vector Templates for Mockup UI UX design.Added. (Vector Library)

2020.3.2> 00-00-0000

-Crop Function shortcut is now customizable.

-Crop function does not work as expected after haze operation. fixed.

-Crop function set default shortcut to (<) instead of Ctrl+PrintScreen

2020.3.1> 04-26-2020   (BIG UPDATE)

-UI Redesigned.

-Eraser function enhanced.

-Eraser Size and Pen Size Separated Individually.

-Eraser now wont erase vectoral paper templates

-New Math Graph Numerical Plane Pages added to Default Vector Gallery.

-Color Pick Functionality Added (Default Hotkey is comma(,) )

-Some Undo bugs fixed.

-Haze undo functionality bug fixed.

2020.3.0> 04-17-2020

-Flicker problem fixed for presentation mode.

2020.2.9> 04-17-2020

-Tons of bugs fixed.

2020.2.8> 04-16-2020

-Import SVG Vectorials.

-Built-in Image Library images enhanced and changed to relevant svg vectors.

-Many fixes and enhancements

2020.2.7> 04-07-2020

-Export Presentations as a PDF file to Desktop (File>Export As PDF)

2020.2.6> 04-5-2020

-Some Fixes about wallpaper as paper.

-Ctrl+PRINTSCREEN  = "Save Selection to Desktop Mode" function added.

2020.2.5> 04-1-2020

-Some Fixes about wallpaper as paper.

2020.2.4> 03-31-2020

-Weird black line around the haze rectangle. fixed.

2020.2.3> 03-26-2020

Now you can use your desktop wallpaper as a board.By this way, you can see your notes directly on desktop and can modify or set a new board as Desktop Wallpaper.. ( )

Ctrl+BACKSPACE = Load Desktop Wallpaper

Ctrl+Shift+BACKSPACE = Set As Desktop Wallpaper

2020.2.2> 03-25-2020

-Ctrl+Shift+[U=blue] Key =clear board to dark blue

-Ctrl+Shift+[W=white] Key =clear board to white

-Ctrl+Shift+[B=black] Key =clear board to dark gray

-Ctrl+Shift+[G=green] Key =clear board to dark green

2020.2.1> 03-24-2020

-Paint on board performance increased. starting paint Lag fixed.

2020.2.0> 03-18-2020

“Add Graphics” functionality added. Default Key is (.) dot.

Ready To use Graphics Kit added.

1,2,3..9 keys are now functioning to resize fonts of the selected text boxes too.

1,2,3..9 keys functioning to resize selected graphics.

2020.1.15> 03-17-2020

-Pdf Manual Initially created.

-"Remove Pages At Quit" option initially set to false.

-General Section > Default Saving Path Of Boards Option added. by this way, you can save your boards into shared cloud paths to represent in other places easily or you can define a project directory

2020.1.14> 03-09-2020

Middle Mouse Button to zoom out in presentation mode speed increased.

NumPad + - shortcuts are now functioning to resize fonts of the selected text boxes

2020.1.13 03-01-2020

-"Print Screen" (Snapshot) Key Stores the current board as a new page.

-Pen Color initially was always black. Now it remembers the last chosen pen color.

2020.1.11 > 12-30-2019

-non-standard keyboard devices rarely send wrong info to OS.Due to this problem some keys were stuck at screen until keypressed again. for a temporal solution. all keys are now removed after 2 second idle time.

2020.1.11 > 4-12-2019

-circle mode added. default shortcut "i";

2020.1.10 > 1-12-2019

-underline for pressing keys option added as "underline" in keyboard section.default false.

2020.1.9 > 22-10-2019

-Open Import / Export Presentation Path is defined under File.

-Export Presentation Pages... defined under File.

-Import Presentation Pages... defined under File.

-right mouse button scrolling had malfunctioned in haze mode. fixed.

-double brand removed for freemium in presentation mode

-ctrl+z for undo ctrl+shift+z is the global standard. but up and right arrows also for redo, left and down arrows for undo.

-ctrl+c, ctrl+v is for copy and paste operations, where pastes with offset, not ctrl+Shift+P is pasting without offset (as paste in place)

backspace key as undo in pen mode.

undo operations do not need twice to undo for pen mode.

click sound-fx is now unchecked by default :) Some testers said it was annoying.

-bug fixes.


2020.1.8 > 21-10-2019

-mouse cursors in presentation mode are defined  for modes pen,case,text,disc,line,select.

-pressing F1 to exit presentation mode twice was behind a weird black screen. fixed.

-rarely weird dot points were appearing in presentation mode while quick right mouse navigation. fixed.

-invalid auto text boundary calculation. fixed.

-Tons of bug fixes.

-2020.1.7 > 17-10-2019

-"Start With Board" option added into the presentation section.

-"Start With Board" option decides "Presentation Mode starts with existing board or an empty board instead of Screen"

-Right mouse click OSD was showing Left and Right mouse click in presentation mode. fixed.

2020.1.6 > 17-10-2019

-Eraser Added (Default :'E' Key)

-zoom in or out value displays as hints.

-Export Presentations function added. Now you can export presentation files to png files on the desktop.

2020.1.5 > 15-10-2019

-sound effects added (preview mode on/off, next prior page,mouse and keyboard clicks);

2020.1.4 > 13-10-2019

-Haze Mode Added. (Press F1 for presentation Mode>H for haze Mode>Select a region)

-Line is now only allowed horizontally and vertically.

-High resolution for empty blackboards.

-antialias added for pen

-apple keyboard functions F13-F19 added into language table list.

2020.1.3 > 11-10-2019

-High resolution for empty blackboards.

-antialias added for pen

-apple keyboard functions F13-F19 added into language table list.

2020.1.1 > 11-08-2019

-Popup Menu Captions and Links Corrected.

2020.1.1 > 11-08-2019

-Mouse Wheel up down Flicker problem solved.

-Dark Light Custom Mouse themes now working.