Fox And Friends correspondent Griff Jenkins talks the caravan and ebola

Some loon is following Mayor Pete around in his RV

Bryan Fischer on Mayor Pete and the mechanics of gay sex

Uncle Pat with the palate cleanser!

Rick Wiles is not a fan of our crazy old uncle Pat’s palate cleanser

Rick Wiles is also still not a fan of Right Wing Watch

Coach Dave is still a birther

The Freewinds quarantined over a measles case

EW Jackson is going to exorcise this podcast!

This dude, whoever he is, says the rainbow flag is a sign of conquest

Jeanine Pirro is still on TV and still not okay

Ben Shapiro on Ilhan Omar and Anti-Semitism

[RED LIGHT] Laura Loomer lost her Facebook and Instagram this week(Video)

[RED LIGHT] Patrick Little And Paul Nehlen Are Feuding Over How To Start A Race War (video)
Clips are from something called “Goy Talk”, a white supre
macist broadcast

[RED LIGHT] Lou Dobbs on the navy and aliens (video)

[RED LIGHT] Eggs are Nazi-Kryptonite (video)

[RED LIGHT] Mark Taylor on Notre Dame and sex trafficking (video)

[RED LIGHT] The Transformed Wife with some sex positivity or something(video)

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