Dover Bass Club Format & ByLaws

Club Membership:

  1. Membership is obtained by paying club dues.
  2. To contact us about membership, please visit or email 
  3. Obey the code of conduct.
  4. Dover Bass Club reserves the right to suspend or revoke your membership without refund at any time if it feels your actions are detrimental to the club or the sport of bass fishing.
  5. After the 1st tournament of the Spring Series we will not be accepting additional club members.  If it is determined club attendance is detrimental then we will meet as a club and determine proper actions.

Code of Conduct:

  1. Positive attitude during tournaments.
  2. Obey all rules to Dover Bass Club, along with all local and lake laws during tournaments
  3. Maintain a minimum of 100 ft between boats.  When passing through an area where 100ft is not obtainable (ie. Feeder Creek, Cove), A boater may impede on the 100ft minimum distance with their TROLLING MOTOR ONLY but  must ensure they maintain the maximum distance allowed by safe open water & they do not fish until the 100 ft minimum separation has been obtained again.
  4. Boats moving towards each other must pass each other on the right hand side.  
  5. Pre Fishing is not allowed from midnight Wednesday before a tournament to tournament start.
  6. There shall be no actions detrimental to the sport of bass fishing.

Revoking Membership:

  1. Club members vote whether to remove a member from the club for the following reasons:
  1. Violation of any club rule.
  2. Representing the club in a negative way.
  1. Club dues will not be refunded to an angler who has had their membership revoked.
  2. Any violations must be reported as soon as possible to the President.  The President will then discuss the infraction with the Vice President to determine a ruling on said violation.

Club Dues & Tournament Fees:

  1. Club dues are $100.00 per boat, per year (this covers Spring & Fall Series)                                          
  2. Spring & Fall Series Tournament entry fee will be $40.00 per boat, per tournament.  $35.00 will go towards the tournament payout & $5.00 will go into the tournament lunker pot.
  3. Lunker pot is paid 100% and goes to the team who catches the largest bass for the tournament.                            


  1. A team style format will be used, so you and your partner count as one or you may fish alone if you so choose to.                     
  2. If you choose to fish alone, you still have to pay the Team fee of 40.00 per tournament and follow all of the same rules and fish limits as a team would follow.                                               
  3. Payouts will go to the team and the team is responsible for how they split up the money.
  4. If your partner should not be able to make a tournament, you are allowed to declare a substitution angler.
  1. There will be a maximum of (2) substitution anglers per boat
  2. Once a boat declares a substitution angler, the substitution is not limited to the amount of tournaments they are eligible to fish.  
  3. There must be one original team member in the boat, two substitutes at one time will not be able to participate for a team.
  4.  After your (2) substitution anglers have been declared for your boat, if your partner & (2) substitutions are unable to attend a tournament, you must fish as a solo boater.
  1. A child (12 & under) is welcome to join your fishing boat for the day.  The child must release all fish caught immediately.  Failure to release fish immediately may result in disqualification for the tournament with no reimbursement.  The Child (12 & under) will not be counted towards your (2) substitutions                                

Spring & Fall Series Tournament Points:

  1. 20 point system                                                  
  1. Example: 1st place is awarded 20 points, 2nd place 19 points, 3rd place 18 points and so on to last person.
  1. Anglers weighing in no fish/or leaving tournament early will receive the minimum points for show up (8 Points).
  2. Anglers not showing at all for a tournament will receive 13 points for the 1st Tournament in a Series missed, this 13 points MUST BE used as your low tournament deduct.  After the 1st tournament missed anglers not showing will receive 0 points.

Spring & Fall Series Bonus Fish Points:

  1. 5 fish limit for the boat                                      
  2. Any boat weighing in fish will receive 1 additional bonus fish point per fish weighed for the tournament (5 points max.).            

Spring & Fall Series 5 Fish Limit Bonus Points:

  1. Any boat weighing in a 5 fish limit will receive 1 additional tournament points.                          

Spring & Fall Series Lunker Points:

  1. Boat weighing in the tournament Lunker (largest single fish weight) will receive 2 additional tournament points.

Spring & Fall Series Tournament Payout:                          

  1. All tournaments will pay out the top 3 spots, 1st (50%), 2nd (30%) and 3rd (20%)                                         
  2. In result of a tie, the tying places prize money will be combined and split 50/50                                             

Spring & Fall Series Eligible Tournaments:

  1. The (1) lowest tournament point total will be deducted to determine the Spring & Fall Series winners.                                
  2. Lowest tournament deductions do not include bonus fish points or lunker points.
  3. The (1) lowest tournament deduct can not be the final tournament in the series.  You must fish the final tournament in the series or you will take 0 points for that tournament and that 0 points must be used towards your series point total.                               

Spring & Fall Series Winner:

  1. Spring & Fall Series Winner will be determined by the total sum of eligible tournament points.                      
  2. In the result of a tie, the following will be used, in order, as a tiebreaker                                               
  1. Total fish weight for the series
  2. Total fish caught for the series
  3. Total 1st Place wins for the series

Angler of the Year (AOY)

  1. AOY will be determined by total combined eligible points from the Fall + Spring Series.                                                  

Tournament Series (Classic):

  1. The Classic will consist of 4-6 Boats:                                              
  1. Spring Series 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Points Leader                                              
  2. Fall Series 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Points Leader                                                   
  1. If Fall Series 1st, 2nd or 3rd place points leader are determined to be already eligible for the Tournament Series, we will add (1) one additional team to the classic determined by the highest combined angler point total from the Spring & Fall Series (AOY Points) that is not currently eligible for the Classic.                                             
  2. The Classic winner will consist of the total fish weight from Classic Day 1 & Classic Day 2 combined.              
  3. In result of a tie, the tying places prize money will be combined and split 50/50

Lakes Fished:

  1. Lakes must be within a 60 min drive from Dover, DE.
  2. In the event that something prevents the club from fishing a tournament, then another lake/date will be chosen that is determined by the President.

Tournament Process:

  1. Show time/Livewell check for tournaments is 30 minutes prior to start time.
  2. Gas powered motors are allowed at all times as long as fishery allow.  However, any club member may suggest motor restrictions due to size of pond/lake up to 15 Mins before the tournament start time.  A club vote will will determine if any gas motor restrictions will be enforced.  
  3. If you are late to a tournament, you must notify a tournament official.  Upon launching you must immediately find a tournament official on the water and have your livewell checked NO EXCEPTIONS, failure to comply will result in disqualification for the day's tournament.
  4. All anglers must be at boat ramp at completion time.  Violation of this rule will result in a 1 pound penalty per minute until the boater is visible from the ramp and not fishing.  After 5 Mins & 1 sec the team will be automatically disqualified.  
  1. Exceptions are made for people with motor troubles but only if they have called the president, vice president or tournament director and notified them of such troubles BEFORE the tournament end time.  Failure to notify a tournament official before the tournament end time will result in automatic disqualification.

Fishing Rules:

  1. Only the fish family of Largemouth Bass will be counted
  2. Every effort must be made to keep bass alive through the use of a properly aerated livewell. 8 ounces (½ lb) will be deducted from the total weight for each dead bass presented for weigh-in.
  3. Only 5 fish will be allowed in your livewell at any time during the tournament.  If you are caught with more than 5 fish in the livewell during any point of the tournament, you are disqualified with no refund for the day.
  4. In the event that no one catches a fish then the awards pot will be added to the next event.
  5. Awards will not be given to those who do not catch a fish, if 1st place is the only position that has a fish for weigh-in then the full tournament awards will be presented to that angler.
  6. Only one line in water per angler, this does not include line/lures from hanging rods off the side of boat for storage purposes.
  7. No trolling for fish: defined as the intent of catching a fish by using the motion of the boat.
  8. No live bait: Berkley Gulp and other similar type worms, pork trailers, and natural scent allowed.
  9. Any other violation without a clear penalty in the rule book will be decided by the tournament the club President & Vice President. Basic penalty is 8 ounce subtraction from total weight; a major penalty could lead to tournament disqualification without refund.
  10. No umbrella rigs or any variation of this bait.  If you have a bait that is in question please bring it to the Club President attention BEFORE the tournament.
  11. Penalty for any infraction above could result in disqualification

Boat Rules:

  1. All boats must have some form of livewell to keep their catch safe, as a catch and release club, we strive to put all fish safely back into the water to catch another day.  If someone continues to have problems keeping fish alive, we may require you to upgrade your livewell system or possibly revoke your membership with no refund.
  2. When passing fellow anglers, idle speed is a must!

Club Treasury:

  1. Member dues will be added to the club treasury
  2. May pay for website, scale, and/or any item needed by the club to function. Remaining funds will be used to buy awards & pay out yearly winners.

Rule Changes and Club Business:

  1. Rules can be changed or amended by club officers with support of club members.  Please contact the President, Vice President or Dover Bass Club email ( recommend rule changes or amendments.   Try to keep our business, OUR business.  If you have a problem or concern, please go down the chain of command (President & Vice President) before airing anything out publicly, it makes everyone involved look bad.

Classic & AOY Payout

  1. Payout will be determined by total money in the pot
  1. Total money in the pot will be determined after all trophies, awards, club expenses, etc are subtracted.
  2. Total money in the pot will be capped at $3000 per season.  Any additional money may be used for additional tournament expenses, meeting expenses or carried over to the next season.
  1. Payout will be distributed as follows:

Anglers of the Year 20%

Classic 1st Place 40%

Classic 2nd Place 25%

Classic 3rd Place 15%