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NJECC Design Thinking Challenge 2022
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The New Jersey Design Thinking Challenge
for Grade 3-12 Students

NJECC, the statewide leader in transforming education through technology, in partnership with Eduscape, an innovative provider of professional development and curriculum services to NJ schools,  are proud to offer our first annual New Jersey Design Thinking Challenge for Grade 3 -12 students.

The 2021 Challenge:

Let’s face it, COVID-19 has disrupted our daily life and put a strain on families, schools, businesses, healthcare systems, and communities in general.  As we learn to live with this pandemic, it is important to analyze  the impact it has had on our local communities and reflect on the changes it has forced us all to make in order to remain healthy. While reflecting on these changes, consider the hardships and problems  these changes have caused and identify one to try and solve  using the design thinking process,  and work as a team to develop a solution.  

Students and their teachers/advisors from any New Jersey public, charter or private school in the following grade level  bands may submit an entry for this FREE challenge  to be judged by a panel of design thinking experts using the Stanford d.School
design thinking rubric :

Entry Guidelines:


A single-page summary or presentation (slideshow, webpage, video, app, etc)  that explains/demonstrates  your students experience throughout every step of the design thinking process as well as problem they solved including - Empathy, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test

The deadline for submission is January 31, 2022. Please email your submission to with “NJ Design Thinking  Challenge Submission” in your subject line of the email. Be sure to include in the body of the email the following information:

Name(s), School, Email (yours or your teacher), Teacher’s name

The winning team (students and teachers/advisors) in each category listed above will be invited to the annual NJ EdTech Conference on March 8th at Montclair State University. Each winning team and their teachers/advisors will receive free entry to the annual NJ EdTech Conference where they will be presented  on stage with a trophy and a special gift from Eduscape. Transportation to and from the conference is the responsibility of the school.

Join Us for a Free Getting Started Q & A via Zoom  for Participants

A 20 minutes Q&A open to participating students and/or teacher/advisors to answer your questions and provide guidance for participating in the challenge..

Date: November 10, 2021 - Time: 4:00 PM
Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 534 584 8134 Passcode: njeccnov

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