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Black Hole Suns Guide for Civilized Space
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Welcome to the Black Hole Suns Guide for Civilized Space

Background:  This guide provides the procedure for civilisations and corporations to map black holes in their region in an effort to optimize travel towards the “Goldilocks Zone” (where many civs are located) and other clusters of organizations.   This procedure is known as “chaining” black holes together in order to create the most efficient mapping data possible.  

What’s Involved:  This Guide and the BHS Cluster Worksheet.  The worksheet is a spreadsheet for identifying the Galactic Coordinates and Portal Glyphs for the 26 Regions immediately adjacent to your home region (27 regions total).

Procedures for Black Hole Chaining:

  1. For each set of coordinates on the BH Cluster Worksheet, use Glyphs provided to Portal to the initial Black Hole (BH) system and mark it as a Custom Waypoint using your Discoveries list
  2. Return to your home Portal and leave the planet
  3. Open the Galaxy Map and use Custom Waypoint to find your BH system and record the following on the Black Hole Suns Bulksheet.
    - BH System Name
    - BH Region Name
    - Black Hole Galactic Coordinates:
     (Recall the Initial Black Hole Coordinates are in the Worksheet)
    - Optional data:
    Species, Economy. etc
  4. Enter the Black Hole
  5. Immediately upon exiting the Black Hole: land on the closest planet and using your Signal Booster retrieve and record the black hole Exit System Galactic Coordinates
  6. Leave the planet; Use your Galaxy map to view and record
  1. With the Galaxy Map open, locate the Black Hole System in the same Region that you recorded in Step #6.
    It’s best to move backwards slowly when looking for Black Holes to make sure you are in the right area. The one you want is not always the closest one. Pay close attention to the Region Name displayed in the Galaxy Map.
    Make sure
    Black Hole Exit Region = Black Hole Region Name you are in.   Moving around the Galaxy Map gets easier with experience. (This keeps you from having to land on a planet and get another set of coordinates)
  2. Record the following:
    BH System Name:
    BH Region Name:                        (Same as BH Exit Region Name)
    BH Galactic Coordinates:                (Same as BH Exit Galactic Coordinates except last 4 are 0079)
  3. Travel to and enter BH
  4. Repeat Steps 5-10 until you have recorded 10 -15 Black Hole Pairs or you are inside 640 KLY to the Core
  5. Get another Set of Glyphs and do another Chain

If you complete the 3x3x3 Region around your Civilization/Corporation, you will have 27 Black Hole Chain Entry Points. These chains will provide you the best initial travel options from your Base of Operations to locations in the Goldilocks Zone (719-640 KLY from the Core). If other organizations do likewise, travel in No Man’s Sky will be highly optimized and easier for the entire community!

Black Hole Facts

  1. Every region has exactly one Black Hole System
  2. There are 4,276,101,375 Black Holes in each Galaxy
  3. Black hole travel is the fastest way to the center ~700K LY away in 2.5 - 3 hours.
  4. Effective warp speed:
  1. Black Hole         ~5,500 ly/min
  2. Warping         ~4,000 ly/min with a 2,800 ly range Starship

QUESTIONS? Join the Black Hole Suns Discord Server and look for the #bhs-researchers channel, or post a question on Reddit .  Our team of researchers and advanced users will be happy to assist!