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Please find attached this weeks' draw.

A reminder the whole draw up to Christmas can be seen by going to our website >>


As you will know, Otago Softball has moved premises and now have the use of the Pirates rugby football club.

So, we are excited to be doing proper player of the days each Saturday, at 5.00pm in the clubrooms for all t-ball & junior teams (U7, U9, U11, U13, U15) :)

Each Saturday, a player of the day note will be attached to your scorecard for both teams - score cards are located outside the Southern clubrooms at Bathgate Park.

If you find there is not enough notes, or one or both has gone missing please get a replacement from Katrina (same area where the scorecards/draw is located outside the Southern clubrooms)

After your game, fill in the details of that week's player of the day and hand back to Katrina.

Then those players of the day recipients, coaches & anyone else that would like to come along are invited to the clubrooms - Pirates Rugby Football Club, Hancock Park (John Wilson Drive) at 5.00pm where they will be presented their player of the day award.

If any can not make it that is all good! We will have them at Bathgate the following week to pick up with their next scorecard :)

Have attached the flyer, and this is also in your grade rules document.

This will start this Saturday - and please note down any player of the day recipients from last week too on the same sheet (dates beside their names please so we know who is from this week, and who is from last week)


Please see your grade rules & guidelines

A couple of key things here that seem to be commonly asked or confusion around:

-There is NO stealing

-There is NO tagging

-The tee is used to 'make the play dead' - similar to in softball when the ball goes back to the pitcher the play is dead and players can not advance. The tee is also used to make the play dead after the last batter. Home plate is for outs. Same as 1st, 2nd & 3rd base

-The bat left on home plate is NOT an automatic out

-Player fielding position: please ensure players are in correct fielding positions. This is to ensure that all players are involved as much as possible (and not 1 or 2 in the infield in pitching position fielding everything), and they are learning the positions for when they move up the grades

-Fielders throw the ball over arm, and if they aren't playing on a base they throw to the base - don't run the ball over eg fielders in pitching position running with the ball to get the out at 1st instead of throwing to their team mate at the base. Again we want to make sure all fielders are getting involved