1. Studied Economics/Governance

2. Wrote feedback for manuscript of Better Than Capitalism

Detail: 1. I studied Economics by working through the CORE Econ textbook (core-econ.org) and reading many books (Individuality and Entanglement, Post Capitalism, People's Republic of Wal Mart, Radical Markets, How to be an anti-capitalist, Niether Horizontal nor Vertical, The Righteous Mind, Rivalry and Central Planning, Markets Not Capitalism). I also researched digital governance tools including pol.is, Kleros.io, colony.io, joinseeds.earth, metagov.org

2. I read Jason GL's manuscript of Better than Capitalism and wrote 5 pages of detailed feedback and edits.


1. Read Economics and social science books and papers including Individuality and Entanglement, Niether Horizontal nor Vertical, Core Econ Textbook, The Righteous Mind, Rivalry and Central Planning

2. Read fellow guest Jason GL's "Better than Capitalism", gave 5 pages of detailed written feedback and edits.

3. Had 10+ meetings/interviews/conversations and wrote notes on ideas for a new action research university/ community learning center

4. Worked on foundations for paper for Neuromatch with Jesse, Avery, and Jenny

5. Developed habits to improve my mental health: daily swim in the ocean + wim hof breathing, meditation, qi gong, journaling