Santa Rosa City Schools

May 23, 2018

6:00PM  Open Session Santa Rosa City Hall - City Council Chambers 100 Santa Rosa Avenue, Santa Rosa

Please take time to review the following abbreviated version of the agenda.  Click here to see the entire agenda. It has live links on many items with more information.  If you want to comment on any items email

Regular meetings are televised on local cable channel 27 and re-broadcast the following Saturday at 7:00 PM and again Sunday at 9:00 AM.  Videos of the meetings are also posted on the SRCS YouTube Channel: Link to videos of prior meetings

C.8. Special Presentation - Student Board Member 

SRTA appreciates the service of Luke Mott, especially his efforts to represent the students of SRCS at the board meetings by collecting information from various sites and speaking to student concerns during discussions.  We hope this is just the beginning of a life of public service.

C.9. Special Presentation-Retirees

SRTA acknowledges our 51 district retirees who have served SRCS for a combined total of 1129 years.  SRCS is losing valuable collective wisdom and consistency as we bid these retirees farewell.  You are wished all the best in retirement!

C.10. Public Comment On Non Agenda Items

SRTA members are invited to complete blue speaker cards to speak the board for up to three minutes.  Items not on the agenda are addressed at this time.  Items on the agenda are addressed during the item with the same blue card.


E.2. Approval of Personnel Transactions

SRTA bids farewell to 11 more resigning members, with  a combined 49 years of service: Sara Adams (MCHS), Rebekah Aftim (MCHS), Anna Bernier (MCHS), Bobbi Chock (COMS), Sara Gaitan-Hernandez (CCLA), Gloria Hurtado (SRMS), Melissa Matson (MHS), Matthew Pollack (Cook), Sara Raike (MCAR), Joe Sims (MCHS), Rachel Wittenberg (MCHS).  We also note 0.8 FTE in partial resignations from 2 members.  

To date thirty two SRTA members have tendered their resignations for next year, with a combined 118 years of service.  They have sharpened their craft while at SRCS, and are leaving shoes hard to fill.

E.10. Selection of the Student Representative to the Board of Education for 2018-19

SRTA welcomes Alana Macken (SRHS) as the new student representative to the board.  We look forward to hearing your voice at these meetings representing the students of SRCS.


F.1. (Discussion) Football 2020

This item includes protocol for response to student concussions.  Students are suffering prolonged concussions at a growing rate, and SRTA is glad to see a uniform process for handling these. Clarification is needed concerning the SPT.  Is the Summary of Roles document correct in stating that students are responsible for completing this form?

F.2. (Action) Third Interim Report for Fiscal Year 2017-18

The Budget Advisory Committee met this past week, and was told the May Revise had no bad news, and that there is expectation that a Third Interim report will not be necessary next year, as we will shed our “Qualified” status.  New Assist. Sup. of Business Services Rick Edson informed the BAC of his plans to improve the functioning of this committee:


F.3. (Discussion) 2017-18 Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Preview

Site funding for SPSA’s are shown a hold back of 20% stated in the year to year comparison document vs 15% in the provided board financial summary information.  SRTA requests clarification and consistency in this information.

SRTA respectfully requests the Timeline be updated to reflect what has actually happened in the development of this LCAP.  Examples: LMC has discussed the LCAP twice (once with a copy of the proposed document)  not five times.  Also, the majority of sites have spent zero staff meeting time on the district LCAP (most not even their site level SPSAs) in contradiction to the impression made by the three meetings shown on the timeline.

F.6. (Action) Approval of Applications for the Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Educators

SRCS is estimating an inability to fill 100 teaching positions for next year with fully credentialed candidates. Our self assessed ability to attract and retain is diminishing, as this item is an increase of 10 teachers over last year.

F.7. (Action) Award Bid for Hidden Valley Modular Classroom Building Addition Project  

SRTA celebrates the progress to improve the learning conditions of these Hidden Valley Elementary students with these new classrooms.

F.8. (Action) Award Bid for Santa Rosa High School Re-Roofing and HVAC Project (Phase 1)

SRTA celebrates the progress to improve the learning conditions of Santa Rosa High School students with this roofing and HVAC project.

Tentative Future Agenda Discussion Items

SRTA encourages members to prepare for the following possible future agenda items.

June 13

LCAP Public Hearing

SRCS Budget 18/19 LCAP Public Hearing

SRACS Charter Renewal Public Hearing

SRACS Charter Renewal Approval

CCLA Charter Renewal Public Hearing

CCLA Charter Renewal Approval

June 27

Piggyback Contracts Renewal

SPSA Approvals

LCAP Approval


SRTA looks to the  future scheduling of the following items:

C&I K-12 Update, Report on Janus, Illuminate Update, Emergency Preparedness Discussion,  BEST Plus Update, Foss Curriculum Approval, Physical Education State Requirements, and ELPAC Update.