EVENT RENTAL RULES AND REGULATIONS (copy for client) Read then initial

Thank you for selecting us for your event and following rules and regulations set forth below.

Please pick up your keys and Check-off list at the beginning of your event from Studio 5 front desk (downstairs)

1. After the event, all tables and chairs are to be lined up against the walls unless otherwise pre-arranged.  Garbage (don’t forget     bathroom garbage) are to be disposed of in dumpster on Archer Street (go down the egress).  Any boxes have to be broken down before disposal. All food disposal has to made across the street.

2. Applicant agrees to replace lost or stolen key (at $50.00) to replace any damaged chairs (at $50.00 each) or tables (at $100.00 each)  Inventory will be taken before and after any event. (Anything reported damaged BEFORE your event that was NOT noted at your walk-through is an exception)

3. Applicant agrees that actions taken during the usage period are the responsibility of the individual, business, or organization making application.  You’re renting the main event space which only includes the Boardwalk entrance.  The bar area is a separate fee.

4. Applicant agrees that Events on Main is held harmless in the event of any injury to both personal and property that may occur in connection with use. Applicant agrees not to exceed 175 occupants in the building at any one time.

5. Applicant acknowledges that any damages will be the liability of the individual, business, or organization. Applicant agrees that in the event damages exceed the damage/cleaning fee a police report will be filed and damages paid.

6. NO storing of items in the egress hall. Exceptions after 6pm Monday-Saturday and any time on Sunday. If violated your full damage/cleaning fee will be forfeited.

7. Applicant agrees that there will be no smoking inside any part of the building.  No smoking in the Boardwalk which is inside the building.  Downtown Canton has a no smoking ordinance for sidewalks, parking lots etc in all of Downtown Canton.  All cigarette butts must be disposed of properly.  No butts can be left on the ground.

8. No lit candles can be left unattended. No kitchen is available but any plug-in warmers are allowed such as crockpots.

9. Applicant agrees that all persons and vehicles associated with this use will not park in Studio 5 Salon’s parking lot except Sundays.  Public parking is available on West Main Street and [Archer Street (even if it is marked RESERVED)].  No Parking on the Boardwalk.  No Parking under the ceiling part of the building.

10. Applicant agrees to leave the facility in the condition found.  NO confetti or glitter is to be used INSIDE OR OUTSIDE (not to be in balloons either).  An end of event checklist is provided and MUST be left with signature.  Failure to comply with any of the items will result in forfeiture of the damage/cleaning fee. Damage/cleaning fee will be returned within 15 days subject to favorable inspection of the premises after event.  We do not have storage areas.  All moved items need to be moved back.

11. Applicant agrees not to use any hanging devices that would damage walls, ceilings or lights.  Painters tape is the only acceptable tape.  All string, wire or tape has to be removed without damaging anything.  No tape, nails or tacks.

12. Applicant wishing to serve alcohol agrees to hire ONE certified law enforcement officer from the City of Canton Police, who is to be present outside for the duration of the function. (Tom Priest, City of Canton Police Department at 770.720.4883) The applicant is responsible for paying the officer and must prove the hire.  (Or proof of equivalent Insurance or hire of liquor licensed caterer)

13. Applicant agrees to pay fees no later than 30 days prior to rental. It is mandatory that all fees for usage be paid before event, no exceptions made.  Deposit is nonrefundable.

14. Applicant agrees to share these rules and regulations with anyone hired for the event including caterers, disc jockeys, parking valet, etc. Applicant must notify the person responsible for cleaning that they must complete the checklist.

15. Our website (myeventsonmain.com) has pictures and prices of larger items for rent, such as a bar with it’s area.

16. All times are inclusive (prepping and cleaning times are to be done within time parameters.

17. We have a page of available vendors like caterers, wedding coordinators, DJs etc with contact numbers. myeventsonmain.com

18. The lights are to be turned off and all 6 doors (2 sets of double doors and up and downstairs of egress) locked upon departure.

19. Upon departure the 2 A/C & Heater should be turned off.

20. Applications, and cash register are located at Studio 5, where you pick up the key and acknowledge the beginning of event.

21. Please check for any personal belongings or decorations because if they are left we will not be responsible for them.  They will be reused, given to Goodwill or disposed of (if labor is involved in disposal, the cost will be subtracted from damage/cleaning fee.)

22. If you have any problems call 770-345-5000 (Studio 5) or after 7pm 770-630-4035 (Majesty Brown).