January 20, 2020

Hello Friends,

I am happy to report that I am still here, still in business, and planning on another season of tax filing. I look forward to hearing from everyone again. I hope you have all had a good year.

Individual tax returns are due Wednesday, April 15 this year. I will need to receive your documents by Friday, March 27 in order to guarantee filing without an extension.

This year I have taken on some additional responsibilities at my church, and I am spending a few hours there each week. So it’s important that you get your stuff to me as quickly as possible. If everyone delays, then I am going to be in deep trouble during the latter weeks of the filing season. So please have mercy on me!

Here is my online appointment calendar if you would like to schedule an appointment, either to drop off your materials, or plan for a meeting, phone conference, etc. I also have installed a large mail slot in the front door if you wish to drop and dash at the house any time day or night. And you are always welcome to mail me your forms. The address is still 415 Elizabeth Drive, Greenville, SC 29615.

Please visit my website www.pgbtax.com for helpful information and links. Look for the secure upload feature for sending your digital documents.

I am asking you to answer some questions again this year. It only takes about five minutes to complete. Please fill it out now and I’ll know you’ve seen this letter.


Thank you for your continued patronage. I enjoy knowing each of you and I always look forward to catching up every year.


Sincerely yours,


Paul G Barnard, EA

Please proceed to the interview questionnaire.


On the personal side, we’ve had another pleasant year at our house. John Paul completed his freshman year of college and spent the summer working for the Woodlands Camp in Cleveland, GA. He stayed on after the summer and is now going through their Next program, which is basically an internship plus a lot of grunt work around their property. He is living with a group of other young people and enjoying one adventure after another.

Beth continues to teach first grade and enjoys all her children. She works hard at it, but every year gets a little easier. This year she took a couple trips to visit her mother in Florida, even going through the rather difficult process of moving her out of her home and into an assisted living facility.

I also had a couple new experiences this year, the most notable being surgery to repair an inguinal hernia in October. The procedure was a success, but the recovery was way more difficult than I imagined. Let’s just say I have a new respect for people who have to undergo surgery.

Here’s me and the Space Shuttle Discovery, Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, VA.

Our hike up Clingmans Dome in the Great Smoky Mountains got a little foggy at the top.