January 3, 2018

Hello Friends,

I hope 2017 was good for you. Congress has been busy rewriting the tax code, which has resulted in, among other things, larger standard deductions, vanishing personal exemptions, and lower tax rates. But those changes will not affect 2017, so you will need to gather your documents as usual. I expect many of you will see a reduction in your tax, but not until next year. The IRS says new withholding tables will be ready by mid to late January, so if you receive a paycheck you should see a change (decrease) in your federal withholding by the end of February.

I expect to be at the home office every day during normal business hours. If you would like to meet, please schedule an appointment.

Last year I mentioned the secure document upload at www.pgbtax.com. This is still a great way to send me your stuff. Again I remind you NOT to email anything with your name, address and Social Security number. Scanning is very good, but don’t attach to an unsecure email. Use the secure upload feature instead. Don’t compromise your identity.

I’ve prepared a list of mostly yes or no questions for you to review. Please fill out the interview questionnaire now and I’ll know you’ve read my letter.


Thank you for your continued patronage. I enjoy knowing each of you and I always look forward to catching up every year.


Sincerely yours,


Paul G Barnard, EA

Please proceed to the interview questionnaire.