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Enchilada Workshop
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How To Eat Enchiladas Everyday And Get Shredded Like Cheese

By Ranbir Sanghera aka The Burrito Boy

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What you will learn:

🔻How to eat 6 enchiladas - or more -  everyday while losing fat

🔻Why workouts don’t matter for losing fat (you don’t need more running)

🔻 How to grow rock-hard muscle without spending hours in the gym

🔻Why you have to eat your  favorite food daily, not once in a week as a “cheat meal”

🔻The 3 keys to not being a slob (and making prepping and cleaning effortless)

🔻Make your food taste Guy Fierri approved 🔥

🔻The secret to eliminating marathon cooking sessions and then trying to scarf down the same gross chicken and broccoli all week

🔻The 1 foundational principle to make the kitchen an anxiety-free zone while having as much fun Emeril BAM!

🔻My list of exact tools that help me cook fast, easy, delicious food (with links)

🔻How to transform cooking from a chore to a zen practice - how to fall in love with cooking

🔻The uncommon knowledge hidden in plain sight that makes every food a fat loss food.

🔻Build better tasting restaurant favorites while losing hella fat

🔻Make your favorite ethnic food/Abuelita’s/Nani’s family recipe, lose fat, and have zero guilt

🔻Let people think you suffer with chicken and broccoli while you enjoy grandma’s magical cooking and holiday tamales

🔻My secret mental model/operating system for always making progress each day regardless if i stick to the plan or not

🔻Completely eliminate any circumstance in your life that will cause you to get fat - aka how I will NEVER get fat no matter if work is crazy, my kids are crazy, my wife is crazy, my boss is a boob, COVID happened, the moon is full, or any other reason that leads to fat gain for 99.99% of people

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