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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in a virtual cooking class?

I will be cooking the same dish with you with step by step instructions. A printable outline of our meal will be sent once your class is booked to take notes. In about 90 minutes, you will have dinner on the table!

Can two of us cook together in our kitchen?

Absolutely and highly encouraged. A second set of hands is extremely helpful as your assistant, camera person, dishwasher, table setter…  Please limit your kitchen to two students.

How do I sign up and how will I know that I am confirmed?

After registering, a confirmation email will be sent with our Zoom meeting log-in information.

How do I prepare for the class?

After registering via Eventbrite for a group class, an ingredient and equipment list will be sent to the registered email address, along with a printable outline for note-taking during class.  

What if I can’t find an ingredient?

This is my favorite when I get to MacGyver a dish with substitutions. I do my best to choose to teach dishes with minimal ingredients and I will list substitutions on the ingredient list. I promise they won’t involve duct tape and safety pins.

OK, but my kitchen is tiny and not well stocked. Will I be ok?

I design most classes around standard kitchen equipment. Any specific equipment will be listed on the Eventbrite listing.

Anything else I need to do prior to class?

To keep the class moving, I may ask that some of the prep is done in advance, ie. dice an onion, separate eggs, place a large pot of water on the stovetop, etc. Set up your device.  See How to use Zoom tab at bottom of page. Oh, and don’t forget to pour yourself that glass of wine.

Can I just watch or is it required that I cook?

Paid voyeurs are welcome, but you will be hungry.

What if during class I have a question or missed an instruction?

Ask away. We don’t mute any kitchens. We move as a small group progressing through each step with everyone’s meal finishing together.

My friends and I want our own class. Can we book a private class?

For sure. See Private Group Lessons. Also, you can book a class for a much more fun conference call with your work colleagues.

Age restrictions?

The minimum age for classes is 13. We ask that an adult plays the role of ‘sous chef’ to your budding chef and is also in the kitchen during class.  

Vegetarian? Gluten? Lactose? Peanuts? Pork? Shellfish? Pescetarian? Presbyterian?

My ingredient list will include ideas for substitutions to suit your dietary restrictions or allergies. Shoot me an email if you have a specific question or concern.  While I can’t guarantee a solution for every dietary restriction, the earlier I hear from you, the better I can pivot with a plan for you. david@mealticketsf

What should I wear for the class?

No shirts, no shoes, no service.  It’s your house. Where what you want! But I do recommend comfy shoes (yes those bunny slippers count), an apron, and sure a shirt.

How many will my class feed?

Typically enough for 4 adults or 2 teenage boys, but specific quantities will be given with each class. I always have ideas for the best way to treat leftovers. Just ask.

Can I have a glass of wine while I cook?