#189 - Into the Nexus: “HGC Finals Begin!”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

Diamond 4

I’ll be on the Living Blizzard panel at BlizzCon Saturday, November 4th at 10 am on the Epic stage (aka the community stage in the Level 2 North Hall.

It’s being hosted by TradeChat and the full panel consists of:

Amove/Frogpants Night-before-BlizzCon Meetup!

Meetup is from 9pm-midnight in the Palos Verdes room in the 4th floor of the Hilton, next door to World of Podcasts.

There will be a cash bar in there with a much shorter line than you'd find in the lobby.

ITN on Monday next week!



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HGC Preview

Roll20 Group of Death

Garrett’s Picks

Kyle’s Picks

Group A: MVP Black / Tempo Storm
Made this call based on Chall Enge having to sub in a player. Not looking good for my prediction.

Today, October 26th (all groups start at 11 am)

Fireworks group.

Very competitive group.

MVP Black has grown the hype a ton for themselves since Eastern Clash.

Deady Kittens is the wild rocky card. They did alot of Korean scrims.

Group B: Fnatic / Anyone else’s call
It’s Fnatic and three equally skilled teams.

Friday October 27th

Fnatic is lookin’ fancy.

Team Freedom always is a combo machine that could take it. Nothing to lose. Substitute players though.

Group C: Dignitas / Roll20
Let’s be honest, this is a strong Group. Being hopeful here.

Saturday October 28th

New blood Roll20

Dignitas always solid

Group D: Ballistix / Team Expert
Going with Expert over SPT because of their damn VISA issues again.

Sunday October 29th


SPT chinese region climbers

Soul Torturers are unknown

Whole group is a different play style partially because of region

It started today!

MVP Black vs. Deadly Kittens

Picks So Far:


HGC Plans for 2018

A unique twist

Wild Cards

More languages!


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Loot Boxes Equals Hero Exploration

What have you been playing?

If you’ve just been leveling like I have... want to pal around and talk heroes we don’t usually play but we’re having a blast with?



Lots of talk about improving around Reddit this week for those interested in resources.



Hi guys, first off love the show and because of your advice I have smashed hero league (diamond 3)

I currently have an issue of trying to explain how to counter varian to my friends who claim as it is not as simple as it seems due to his parry with twinfury build. I try to explain the 8 second CD but its not enough.  

They tilt quite often when he is in a game due to if the enemy team snowballs with his twinfury.  This is also in quickplay so we are not choosing a counter at champ select. And when he is in the game with Morales........

Please give me some of your great wisdom!


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