2nd Grade Newsletter

October 15-19, 2018


  • We will learn about adjectives.  Words that describe nouns.
  • We will continue verb tenses.
  • We will also continue writing sentences.capitals and punctuation marks.  (? . !)

Spelling Words

Wink, sing, sink, king, long, ring, hang, bank, wing,drink


**Please read with your child each day.  

** 2ND will be taking a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch - Oct. 23,  Please send the signed permission slip and $6.00 to school as soon as possible.

** Fall Festival - Oct 26

**  PIE Meeting tonight  6:00 in the gym


 *    we will learn about measurement. (Using inches,  cm,  feet,  yards.)

*  we will continue adding and subtracting10 and 100 to a given number.

*  we will continue to add and subtract Hundreds, tens, and ones. Showing the numbers with base


Bay - a large area of water connected to the ocean.

Dense - heavy

Wedged - stuck in a very small hole

Owl - a bird with a large head that hunts all night

Dizzy - feeling that you are turning around in circles

Conference Time


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csavage@hsdlions.org   jennifer.towery@hsdlions.org  pjanes@hsdlions.org  mrosen@hsdlions.org  shargis@hsdlions.org