2nd Grade Newsletter

January 22-25, 2019


We will learn how to identify reflexive pronouns and use them in our writing.

Spelling Words

drive, train, tree, please, slow, fly, clean, sleep, free, grade



  • No School - January 21st for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
  • January 28th their will be a PIE meeting.
  • The cafeteria will sell snacks on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Each item cost .50 cents with the maximum a student can purchase being two snacks per day .


     We will recognize and draw shapes with the correct number of angles, sides or equal faces.  We will learn how to partition shapes into two, three, or four equal shares using words to describe them as halves, thirds, or fourths.


Hymns- songs sang in church

Minister- another word for preacher

Citizens- people who have rights of their country

Protesting- showing strong disagreement with something

Segregation-  keeping people of a different race separate 

Conference Time


Email Contact Information:

csavage@hsdlions.org   jennifer.towery@hsdlions.org  pjanes@hsdlions.org  mrosen@hsdlions.org  shargis@hsdlions.org