Undertale Fan Fics: (J-Weaves’s ones are blue)


Frisk- absorbs Soul power; can talk; definitely female in this timeline

Vincent- Frisk’s best friend; helps her solve the Underground puzzles; later defects and joins the Royal Guard; becomes the Captain; has an awesome fight against Frisk, who ends up killing him accidentally

Sans- younger brother in this timeline; likes put-downs instead of puns; actively monitors timelines; not cripplingly depressed

Papyrus- older brother with a god complex; has similar abilities to Sans

Alph- genderbent Alphys with a NEO form; not a total social failure this time; uses a pair of kunais to fight

Undyne- Still captain of the Royal Guard, but now she has an actual Guard to command

M.K.- Monster Kid with arms; likes open-handed fighting; actually cool

Mettaton- Still a giant robot, but instead of a TV personality, this robot acts as a Robocop wannabe

Mettasoldiers- mini Mettatons

Mettaton MK 2- more “photogenic” Mettaton with cannons on her shoulders, rifles in her heels, and particle pistols in her wrists. It’s important to note that this Mettaton is actually a woman instead of just looking like one. She looks kinda like Bayonetta.

Grillby- An older teenage girl with pyrokinesis; competes with Frisk for Sans’s affections

Blook- ghost knight

Flowey- Asriel’s alter ego

Asriel- released during final battle between the rest of the underground and Flowey


Determination- Frisk (Red Soul)

Patience- Petra (Aqua Soul)

Perseverance- Percy (Purple Soul) (Fused with Monster Soul)

Integrity- Ignis (Blue Soul)

Bravery- Barin (Orange Soul)

Kindness- Kelsey (Green Soul)

Justice- Justin (Yellow Soul)

Asriel (Brother Figure)Still alive in this timeline

Toriel (Mother Figure)

Asgore (King)

Sans and Papyrus (Royal Guardsmen)

Royal Guard Dogs (Royal Guardsmen)

W.D. Gaster (Royal Scientist)Still alive in this timeline

Alphys (Scientist’s Apprentice)

Undyne (Captain of Royal Guard)

Napstablook (Close friend of the fallen Children. Mainly Petra)

DsTale (An Altertale Timeline) -

Ds / Lance (Is a human with great magical power who disguises himself as a monster with magic. Thinks Tori is adorable. Dad Sans is his good friend)

Frisk (Is a girl. Falls down and is at first genocide, but after a reset is pacifist)

Chara (Is a girl. First to fall down is found by the Skeletons. Died by trying to help the monsters be freed)

Sans (Known as Dad Sans. Frisk meets him after an encounter with Flowey)

Napstablook (Is a ghost who mopes. ALOT.)

Toriel (Is Asgore’s older sister, in the royal guard, likes memes, good friends call her Tori. Will fight Frisk when she kills Asgore before the reset. Remembers all Altertale timelines. Secretly has a crush on Lance after the first reset)

Asgore (Toriels younger brother, in the royal guard, wants to find a human and takes his job seriously)

Undyne (Captain of the Royal Guard, Is suspicious of Ds at first)

Pokemon Fanfics:

★=Can mega evolve

Forever One-


Kaz (Blastoise- Blast, Aegislash- Excalibur, Skarmory- Blade, Gallade- Knight, Salamence- Stratos, Chandelure- Lumiere)

Cora(Blissey- Joy, Leavanny- Caterkiller, Magmortar- Heavy, Dusknoir- Sans, Froslass- Elsa, Mienshao- Ribbon)

Ben (Torrecat, Tucannon, Trevenant, Sylveon, Aurorus, Lunala)


Jude(Bunnelby, Buneary, Diggersby, Lopunny)

Thunderclap(Manectric, Aggron, Accelgor, Torterra, Jynx, Arcanine)

Julia(Bisharp, Qwilfish, Gengar, Gothitelle, Scizor, Houndoom)

Elite 4

Emiliano(Aggron- Billy Bob, Clefable- Supernova, Altaria- Altair, Blaziken- Moegami, Milotic- Vanity)

Jack(Cacturne, Ursaring, Gengar, Rapidash,



Kaz gets Blast for his twelfth birthday as a Squirtle. Professor Oak tells him to help with the Pokedex, because Red stayed atop Mount Silver and Gary only caught seven Pokemon (including the second Raticate). Kaz agrees, and goes to take the Gym challenge while he’s at it. On the way to Viridian City, Kaz comes upon a girl and her Happiny, who are being attacked by Shadow Rattata. Blast takes out one Rattata while Happiny throws the other one through a tree.

Jasper [From Hoenn] (★Sceptile, Metagross, ★Sableye)

Meanwhile, an aspiring Pokemon Ranger named Ben flies from Alola to Kanto through Viridian Airlines. The first thing he does, Litten in tow, is go to watch a girl fighting Blue at the Gym. The girl (who will later be important to the story) absolutely DESTROYS Blue.