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Ninth Grade Newsletter No 24

Feb. 12 - 16, 2018

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Dear Parents,

We are looking forward to the many upcoming events. Please be sure to check the Trinity calendar to stay informed.

Open Enrollment has begun for 2018-19 School Year

If you haven’t done so already, please pick up a Re-Enrollment packet from the office. Re-enrollment fee is $200.00 until February 28th ($50 discount). If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school office.

TCS Jog-A-Thon - Wednesday, February 14th

Hopefully your child is gathering sponsors. The students will be jogging on Wednesday, February 14, in the Gym. All middle school students will jog during their PE period. Since it is Valentine’s Day, students may have free dress if they wear pink, red, or purple (Valentine colors), or they may choose to wear modest and appropriate jogging apparel. Otherwise, school uniforms must be worn.

**We are in need of volunteers to help on that day to be lap counters. Please contact me if you are willing.

Valentine’s Day Exchange - Wednesday, February 14th

Students will be able to exchange Valentine’s Day cards/treats during our extended lunch on Valentine’s Day. Please have enough cards/treats for all students (27). A list of student names was shared with students via Jupiter.

Teacher In-Service- No School - Friday, February 16th

Students will not have school on Friday, February 16. All teachers will be attending an inservice. Daycare is available for those enrolled.

President’s Day  - No School - Monday, February 19th

There will be no school on this day. All facilities will be closed - please plan accordingly.

Career Education

As part of our career education and planning, students created accounts at the California Career Center site and the California Career Zone site.  All high school students completed their first assignment, a 180-question interest survey.  This survey was a brief overview of the student’s interests.  The student’s interests were then matched to careers in the same field.  The next career education assignment will be in March.


High School Teachers


Bible (Mr. Ortiz):

This week students will start lesson 18 “The Mighty Works of Jesus”. There will be no scripture quiz, but the lesson quiz will be on Tuesday, February 20th.        

English (Mrs. Johnson):

In grammar, students will take the Unit 6 test on Thursday. In literature, students will continue to study limited and omniscient points of view.


Geometry (Mrs. Daniel): Students will complete lessons 78 and Investigation #8.

*Geometry students need a graphing calculator.

Algebra I (Mrs. Daniel): Students will complete lessons 78 and Investigation #8.

Pre-Algebra (Mr. Burris): Students will complete Lessons 60-64, and Investigation #6.

*Students who score a C or lower on any assignment or test must do corrections by the next test date.

Foreign Language :

Students have started semester two in their foreign language class.  Please be prompt in all assignments!

Science (Mrs. Daniel):

Students started Chapter 11, “Magnetism” on Friday.  We will continue in chapter 11 with a lab on Thursday.

*Students must bring a calculator to class every day.  There are many formulas that require the use of a calculator.

Physical Education- Independent Study

TCS now offers physical education credit for high school students who are involved in competitive sports off campus!  Please visit this link to see the requirements and for an application: Application Form

*If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Daniel at

Music (Dr. Muntean):

Learning “Love Come Down” in Music Lab and preparing for next performance in chapel. Students are also preparing for Easter Concert.