FAQ - Support a SPoC for Conference

General Queries

Why NPTEL is giving support for conference participation?

There are a gamut of reasons to attend a technical conference. From identifying your fraternity across India and networking with like minded professionals, attending keynotes by eminent speakers and maybe interacting with them, improving your knowledge base, etc. the reasons are diverse.

Attending reputable technical conferences can substantially improve your professional activities as a teacher and some of the learning (both tangible and intangible) can then be transferred to other members in your parent institution. This will help in creating an enjoyable work environment where there will be a group vision to strive for continuous improvement, both in terms of processes as well as products.

Since you are an Ambassador of NPTEL activities in your LC, we believe that you have already taken the first step for enhancing teaching-learning activities within your institution. We strongly believe that the conference participation will provide much needed impetus to empower you further in achieving sustained improvements. And this is in alignment with the larger vision of NPTEL - Providing access to high quality learning for every learner.

Why are the conference venues restricted only to IITs/ IISc?

The reasons for restricting to IITs and IISc are the following:

  1. IITs and IISc are primarily contributing to NPTEL courses. Hence we will be able to quickly verify the level of conferences in these institutions.
  2. We are primarily targeting technical conferences in the field of Engineering and Sciences
  3. All IITs do have Departments for Management Studies as well as Humanities. If these departments are organizing conferences, the support will cover these too.

What is the significance of the 10th IEEE Conference on Technology for Education (T4E) mentioned in the Google Form?

The IEEE conference on Technology for Education is a conference primarily aimed at researchers and practitioners in the higher education sector. The focus of the conference is about ongoing research and practice in teaching-learning process and hence there will be no domain restrictions. To get an idea of the previous T4E conferences please visit the following links:

T4E2018 Homepage - Hosted by IIT Madras

Schedule of T4E2016 - Hosted by IIT Bombay

Thus if you can carefully think of metrics that can help in evaluating the effectiveness of your activities in percolating NPTEL courses within your institution, then it can be a good paper for this conference.

The webpage and call for papers for this conference is expected in couple of weeks (March 2nd or 3rd Week). The usual submission due dates are around first week of June and acceptances are notified by first week of August. Conference registration typically starts from August.

Is this applicable to non-teaching staff who are working as a SPOC for NPTEL ?

Yes Indeed. Anyone who is a SPoC is eligible.

Is there a limit applicable in the number of conferences that are supported in a given period of time?

A SPoC will be eligible for only one conference support this year.

Is there a monthly or semester wise limit to the number of requests supported?

For the year 2019, we have planned to provide support to a maximum of 40 SPoCs through this initiative. We are considering the requests in two blocks - Jan-June, 2019 and July-December, 2019. The initial target is to support 20 SPoCs in each of these blocks. But if there aren’t 20 requests coming in Jan-June block, the remaining will be carried over to the July-December block.

Is this benefit applicable for only a certain period of time?

Currently, this benefit is applicable only for conferences being held in the year 2019. Based on the outcomes being reported, the continuation of the benefit will be decided by NPTEL.

How is the support amount disbursed? Will it be provided before going to the conference?

The amount will be reimbursed only after participation in the conference. Also all bills relevant to the conference (as mentioned in the Google Form, the expenses are only applicable for the official itinerary) have to be submitted to NPTEL. If you are getting additional support for some part of the conference travel, then you are required to present copies of the bills attested from the head of your institution.

If I decide to present a paper at a conference, can the topic be at my own discretion?

Typically a technical conference will have its own themes and areas. You will have to submit a paper to this conference which will be peer-reviewed and then accepted if found good. The presentation will be on the paper that got accepted. There are no other restrictions from our end.

What expenses does this financial support cover?

We want this amount to be efficiently utilised for your expenses with regards to:

  1. Conference registration, and
  2. To and fro travel to the conference city from your location

Any other use of this fund (say for some personal use like site seeing) is strictly not entertained. Please note that there is an upper limit for the conference support (25,000 INR).

Queries related to the Google form

Where can I find my College LC ID?

Please find the link for the same.

How to enter the Website URL for the page?

Please do enter the complete URL of the conference page. e.g. https://t4e2018.iitm.ac.in/ 

What would a typical conference supporting society be?

Supporting Societies include AICTE, IEEE etc.