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Washington Community Schools recognizes the need to provide alternative means by which students may achieve classroom goals during lost instructional days due to inclement weather which may cause a cancellation of normal school instructional activities.


Therefore, eLearning activities may be utilized as an educational alternative for learning experiences or activities. These activities are designed to extend, enhance, supplement or serve as a substitute for onsite classroom instruction.

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eLearning Day Student Expectations:

  • All students are expected to participate in eLearning days used for lost instructional days due to inclement weather and|or planned PD days
  • Parents|Students will be notified through School Messenger, TV|Radio (inclement weather), and via WCS website of eLearning days.  For pre-planned eLearning days, teachers will communicate information to their students as well.
  • Students must show proof of participation on eLearning days by satisfactorily completing eLearning day assignments within two school days following the eLearning day
  • Students will be counted present if school work is successfully completed on time. If work is not turned in at the end of the second day the student will receive an unexcused absence for the class periods|day the work is missing.
  • Teachers are responsible for keeping track of the day each assignment was assigned for record keeping purposes.
  • eLearning Days will not be used in consecutive days.  No more than 3 eLearning Days will be used in a given school year.

Washington Community Schools eLearning Day Plan Presentation

Washington Community Schools’ eLearning Day Community Partners

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1.  How many days does my student have to complete eLearning activities?

Each student has two traditional school days after the eLearning Day to complete his/her required activities.    Additional time will be given if circumstances warrant it.

2.  How will attendance for each student be determined?

Each student will be counted “Present” if activities are completed within the required timeframe.  Each student will be counted “Absent” if activities are not completed within the required timeframe.

3.  What if my student or I have questions?

Teachers will have plans and activities posted no later than 9:00 AM (10 am if delay was called first) and will be available to answer questions via email from 9AM to 11AM and 1pm to 3PM.  The building principal is also available via email to answer questions.  

4.  What if I don’t have internet access?

If it is not feasible to access the internet from your home, please communicate with your student’s teacher to determine alternative opportunities to complete the required activities.  An after school tech lab will be available in your student’s building the second day back after the cancelled day of school.  Elementary buildings will provide a sign-up sheet for the tech lab.  While tech labs are supervised by school personnel, students will be expected to complete work on their own just like if they were at home.  Parents are welcomed to accompany their child in the tech lab.  Finally, please see our eLearning Day web page for our community partners who support our use of an eLearning Day and can offer free Internet to your student.

5.  What if my student receives special education services?

Your student’s special education teacher will work with classroom teachers to ensure work is appropriate and accommodated.  In addition, please check your student’s resource teacher’s page for additional directions or support.

6.  What if my student receives English Language learning services?

Please check your student’s English Language learning teacher’s page for special directions and support for the eLearning Day. 

7.  How much work will my student be expected to complete?

Amounts of work are largely dependent upon the grade level.  A student will not be asked to complete unreasonable amounts of work, and activities should not require initial instruction from parents/guardians or other caretakers.  A student may need some assistance just as he/she would on typical homework.  If work becomes overwhelming and time-consuming, please make a note for your student’s teacher and move on to the next activity.