Central London Orchestra

Video Conference Meeting

20/08/2018 - 1830

Present: Alfie Heath (AH), Ju Vern See (JVS), James Egleton (JE), Laurie Goodman (LG), Martin Godber (MG)

Apologies: John Warner (JW)

Review of Action points from AGM

Necessity for setting of dates for concerts well in advance was recognised by all. Dates for Spring and Summer should be decided ASAP with the equivalent Saturday to those of the 2017/2018 season to be put forward initially. JE to discuss with JW putting forward dates to get an early check with JW’s availability Action: JE

“John’s Notes” to be added to the repertoire suggestions spreadsheet to allow JW to respond to suggestions if necessary. MG to edit spreadsheet accordingly. It was confirmed that the committee in consultation with JW are the final arbiters of the concert programmes. Action MG (Checked - KT has already updated the sheet)

All contributed to a discussion on the membership fees and agreed an immediate increase to £60/£35. Although the reasons behind last year’s losses can be traced directly to soloist costs and poor attendance in the summer (world cup clash), it was agreed an increase would allow for more forward drive in repertoire choice (hiring percussion, specialist players etc.). Chair to announce the reasons behind the increases at first(?) rehearsal to justify the increase. All agreed there was sufficient justification. Action: AH

Other Business

 JE & JVS agreed to look at setting up a facility for online purchase of tickets. MG mentioned seeing some online shop features on WIX (Where the website is hosted) but needs to investigate further. Action: JE, JVS & MG

LG & JVS agreed to work together on financial matters relating to membership subscriptions going forward.

We tried to clarify roles for new members of the committee.

JVS proposed a reduction in the number of email addresses with just conductor@ and info@ to be used going forward. MG to edit links on website. Action: MG - Completed

JE proposed a more “active” method of managing messages to ensure nothing is missed. We discussed a proper set of mailing lists (AH to investigate). Action: AH

Meanwhile, MG to assign labels to info@ inbox mail as they arrive so that the appropriate member of committee can see at a glance what they need to deal with. Once actioned, these emails can be filed in appropriate archive folders. Action: MG (ongoing)

JE also suggested we set up a Google list of things to be actioned. Again, we need to make sure we have a robust method of checking completion of necessary tasks is prompt.

AH mentioned that the WhatsApp group was tending to be inundated with content and made a request for all to “get on” and be as autonomous as they felt confident being. Other, appropriate members of the committee to continue to be consulted when necessary though. Action: All

A long discussion took place regarding printing of parts where they are not provided. It was greed that non-string players should be asked to print these themselves from IMSLP. String parts need consistent bowings so a master copy of the string parts should be printed and marked up by KT (in consultation with section leaders) and scanned onto the shared drive for string players to access and print. JE suggested that there was more likelihood of string players not having parts so maybe a few spares could be available at early rehearsals?

JE confirmed that the new concert venue is arranged and booked. There is a possibility that the bar near the venue could open specially on request for the concert evening. JE to investigate. Action: JE

A discussion regarding “returning” players took place in light of a player wanting to return automatically after an absence. It was agreed that there was no system to reserve places and that a player taking a term (or more) off and expecting to return to a seat was not possible given the demand for opportunities to play in London and the potential of us missing out on good players who might apply in the interim. It was agreed that a separate discussion between JW and LG should take place to cover off all current membership issues. Action: LG & JW

It was agreed that the Facebook announcements had been neglected but that only a few a term would be required to keep this useful and give a positive appearance. MRG to look at posting more regularly possibly in consultation with KT. AH to pass on admin logon details. Action MG &AH

KT has sent instructions on running the membership tracker to LG. A new question needs to be added to cover use of photos for GDPR which LG agreed to add. Action: LG

JE & MG agreed to discuss concert promotion via flyers/posters at a later date. It was suggested we appeal for graphic design help from within the membership. Action JE & MG

Conductor succession planning was discussed. Although JE pointed out that a contractual change for JW was not likely, it was agreed that we should ask John for a “goodwill” term’s notice to allow time for organisation and running of the recruitment process.

Meeting ended 1935