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Alive Volleyball League Rules
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1. Recreational players must be twelve years old by the first game.

2. A fee of $110.00 per team will be charged for recreational, and $130.00 for competitive. The fee must be paid at the time of registration. All proceeds go toward Calvary Youth Ministry youth and outreach events including local community service.

3. Competitive games will have one referee and two line judges. Recreational and Leisure games will have one referee.

4. Appropriate shoes must be worn on the court. Street shoes and hard-soled shoes are not allowed. Watches, necklaces, large rings, large earrings, and electronics should be removed before playing.

5. Teams who drop from the league will not receive refunds for any reason.

6. Under 18 needs approval of commissioner.

7. 1 competitive guy and 1 competitive girl per upper rec team.

8. Tournament players must be registered and on the roster by week 4. After week 4, they can play in league but not tournament.

9. No more than 3 guys on court; if playing with 4, 2 boys and 2 girls, not 3 and 1.

10. If you start a game with a certain number, you must keep that number. (4=4, 5=5, etc). When a player is late, they cannot be subbed in or placed on court until after current game is finished.

11. If team does not have at least 4 qualifying players on court by 10 minutes after scheduled game, the 1st game is a forfeit. By 20 min after, 2nd game is forfeit (competitive match forfeit). By 30 min after, 3rd game is forfeit (recreational forfeit).

Game Rules

1. Home team will be decided by flipping a coin before the match. Home team will have the choice of serve or side.

2. Rotations in are made after the serving position (middle-back).

3. The server must wait for the whistle before serving the ball. The server may catch the ball once before serving.

4. A server may serve from anywhere behind the end lines. Server may not step onto the court until the ball has been served. Serves may be overhand or underhand.

5. If the ball hits the net on the serve it is “in play”, just as if it were to hit the net in the middle of the rally.

6. A ball may not be blocked off of the serve (no attacking the serve), but does NOT have to be bumped on the first hit.

7. The ball must return to the opponent’s side in three hits. No player may touch the ball twice in a row, except for a block.

8. During play, player’s feet and arms may go under the net to the opposing team’s side as long as they do not touch the net or

interfere with an opposing player. Touching the opposing team’s players will result in a point for the other team.

9. Players may contact the ball with any part of their body, count it as a hit, and continue to play it. The ball may not be returned over the net with your foot (kicked over the net).

10. Playing time must remain equal through rotation for all available, uninjured players.

11. Scoring is based on the rally point system. Points are awarded on every play to the team who wins that particular rally. It is not necessary to be the serving team to score.

12. If a player arrives after a game has already begun he/she must wait until the next game to play. If the game started as a forfeit, it will remain a forfeit.

13. Unless specified in game rules, USVBA rules of play will apply in all matches.

14. There will be a brief warm up period before each game time. The two teams must share the court and be ready to play at the scheduled time.

15. A team is allowed one 30-second timeout per game.

16. Foot has to be on ground and the ball has to stay on your side of the net to count as a legal hit.

17. Ref's call is final.

18. Top tape on attacking hits or blocking, otherwise, net is called point to opponent. (cannot cross plain)

19. On wall side, one foot can cross the line, remaining foot must stay behind until after ball is hit/served.

Conduct Rules

* Inappropriate comments or actions will not be tolerated. Penalty will be at the league director’s decision. We ask that all players, coaches, spectators and league directors refrain from harsh, negative or derogatory language while on site. *Teams are responsible for the conduct of their spectators. Failure to attempt to control disruptive spectators may result in forfeiture. *Children 10 and under must remain on the bleachers or be escorted by an adult out of the gym. If a child is unsupervised during a match, the player responsible for them will be removed from the game to supervise the child.

*The Calvary Gym will remain alcohol and tobacco free. A violating team may be asked to leave and forfeit their next scheduled game.

Without exceptions, coaches, spectators, and players shall not:

1. At any time lay a hand upon or shove another player, coach, spectator, official, facility supervisor or scorekeeper. Penalty: suspension from all sport activities sponsored by Calvary Church for a period of two years.

2. At any time refuse to abide by an official’s decision or make an abusive verbal attack upon any official, facility supervisor, scorekeeper, player or spectator. Penalty: Ejection from the game and suspension from the next game his/her team plays. A second offense by the same person will result in suspension for the remainder of the season and a probationary period during all sports activities sponsored by Calvary Church for the next year.