Brenna Bustamante

Content Strategist

(661) 281 5215

Who I am

Problem solver: identifies gaps and finds solutions.

Strategist: identifies high impact strategies to accomplish objectives.

User focused: driven by what is best for the user

Team oriented: strong working autonomously, even better as part of a team.

What I’ve been doing

20% UX Writer                                            Jun 2020 - present

  • Work with designers and UXR to create, and implement content strategy for new and updated features
  • Create string templates to help new designers on a smaller team create content on their own
  • Collaborate and improve onboarding flows
  • Create and socialize a style guide for a new product and new team
  • Conduct audit and use UX research to improve copy

Product Support Manager, Play              Jun 2020- present

  • Identify, strategize content, and work with product to improve payments error messages
  • Develop personalized content strategy for different types of users
  • Develop content strategy for automated workflows
  • Create and send transactional emails
  • Gather data and strategize content improvements for all payments related issues, like refunds & gift cards

Content Strategist, Play        Aug 2018-Jun 2020

  • Streamline 2700+ corpus to reduce handling time and prepare for vendored processes
  • Streamline content management process to save manual work, improve launch cadence and save $20K in localization costs
  • Conduct A/B testing to determine content effectivity, which resulted in 400% increase in app installs
  • Strategize and manage external help center, agent knowledge base and agent training

Help Content Manager, Google  March 2015-Aug 2018

  • Utilize ways to get feedback on issues for Photos, resulting in 3% increase in in-page rating
  • Streamline a 237+ corpus by 95%
  • Manage help center content for 10+ products


Content Strategy      

Help Content

UX Writing

Stakeholder management




Volunteer UX writing roles

Baltimore Hunger Project Oct 2020

  • Content audit and recommendations

Localize Sept 2020

  • Content audit, A/B testing, recommendations


UX Writing Academy Aug 2020

UX Writing Hub

Foundations in Design Thinking Apr 2020

IDEO University

Fundamentals of UX Writing Apr 2020

UX Writer’s Collective

Bachelor of Science in Travel Management, 2012

Our Lady of Fatima University, Antipolo City, Philippines