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Citizens of the world, reclaim our seed!

Let us celebrate International Seed Day, not World Intellectual Property Day


We are living in extraordinarily challenging times. The COVID-19 health crisis has fomented an economic crisis, and exposed the underlying risks, fragilities, and inequities in our food systems. It is essential for us to reclaim our seed diversity, biodiverse ecosystems and bio-cultural landscapes, that support nutritious local food systems and millions of livelihoods. In light of the pandemic, we demand the full protection and fulfillment of the rights of small-scale farmers and indigenous peoples across our planet.

On April 26th, the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV) celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day 2020 under the slogan “Innovate for a green future”.

We the undersigned organisations condemn this extremely one-sided view and are shocked by the unashamed green-washing, praising the plant variety protection system under UPOV and patents as a driver for a green future. The opposite is the case. Patents and UPOV based plant variety protection systems are rather a hindrance to innovation, especially innovation by farmers who have created agrobiodiversity, which is vital for the survival of all of us.

UPOV is part of the global architecture of intellectual property laws, alongside seed laws, that support and entrench current industrial food and monoculture agricultural systems. This system is based on the commodification of nature and knowledge, and severely undermines farmers’ rights and peasant farming systems, erodes biodiversity, and has caused great destruction to the earth’s life-supporting systems. Industrialised agricultural production and food supply chains have placed the future of the planet and humans at great risk, as we are now experiencing. Indeed, the COVID-19 outbreak points to the complex interactions between deforestation, reduced biological diversity, ecosystem destruction, and human health and safety, largely driven by the globalised agricultural and industrial corporate-controlled food system, of which UPOV is an intrinsic part.

We oppose the assertion that intellectual property rights over seed equates with facilitating innovation in plant breeding and “promotes resilient crops in support of global food security”. The system that the WIPO and UPOV is promoting instead impedes, undermines, restricts and devalues local innovation and traditional knowledge systems. Their model is particularly inappropriate for the farmers and indigenous peoples of the South, who depend largely on age-old systems of seed saving and exchanges. Indeed, it is farmers’ ingenuity and innovations that have fed the world, produced resilient crops and provided healthy and nutritious food, and continue to do so even in times of crises.

Agribusiness continues to mislead the global public, despite its role in having brought about the climate and ecological crises we find ourselves in, as illustrated by the intensities and frequencies of infectious diseases. Corporations must not be allowed to reinvent themselves, portraying themselves as saviors, when they have created the problem in the first place. Neither should they be rewarded with intellectual property rights that commodifies and monopolises seeds and undermines farmers’ rights.

Across the globe, poor and vulnerable communities severely impacted by the gross inequalities in the world, are scrambling to secure access to healthcare, medicine and food as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to infect and takes hundreds of thousands lives. At the same time, local food systems are being reorganised and restructured by social movements across the world, in the interests of people and planet. These movements are finding ways to link small producers to local communities, and to continue providing food even under difficult circumstances, offering a glimpse of what new and more resilient food systems may look like in the future.

This is an opportunity for us to reinvent our relationship with each other, the earth, and all that call this planet home. If ever there was a time needing our collective imagination and action, it is NOW. If there ever was a time demanding us to build on the innovations of local food producers around the world, it is NOW.

We call on every citizen, every nation, to celebrate and protect our common heritage, and to join together to demand a just transition into a life with and beyond COVID-19. Central to this is the immediate need to localise and democratise our food systems and the farmer seed systems that underpin them.

We honour those who have maintained and innovated agricultural biodiversity over the last 10 000 years, and continue to put diverse and healthy food on our tables. Biodiversity and cultural diversity are intricately linked, and are a result of generations of co-evolution.

On this day, we honour the indigenous peoples’, peasant and food sovereignty movements, and stand together urging us all to act and support a radical transformation of increasingly globalized and privatised food systems towards resilient agroecological systems based on seed and food sovereignty.

On this day, we celebrate the knowledge and practices of seed custodians, smallholder farmers, informal traders, landless peoples, farm workers, waste workers, care workers, and those that ensure all are able to feed and nourish themselves and their families.

On this day, we celebrate World International Seed Day,

NOT World Intellectual Property Day


A Call to Action

This week, we call on you to contribute to building and safeguarding a world and life we want. We urgently need to create circular economies, ecologically-based agriculture, and localized food systems, that build resilience at all levels. This requires governments to redirect and institutionalise agricultural subsidies and research investments towards agroecology, and to invest in and support farmer seed systems and local supply chains. All seed and agriculture laws and policies must be reassessed and redrafted to support such food systems. Barriers to diversity must be removed, particularly those over agricultural genetic resources, and must not inhibit the full and free use and exchange of agricultural varieties and breeds amongst peasants, their communities or public breeders.

Another food system is possible! Together, we can resist an encroaching privatised seed system and celebrate agroecological production and localised food systems.


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We are the seed! plant a seed everyday, share photos, and tell us the story of the seed!

 #InternationalSeedDay not #WorldIPDay


"Seed is life, and nourishes many lives. Because seeds support life, no single person or group should claim ownership of them. Seeds should be freely accessed, so that they could be used, conserved, protected, and improved upon, especially by farmers.

Gilbert Manlapig, smallholder farmer, Philippines

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Association Ouest Africaine pour le Développement de la Pêche Artisanale (ADEPA)

Coalition pour la Protection du Patrimoine Génétique Africaine (COPAGEN)

Comité Ouest Africain de Semences Paysannes (COASP)

Comparing and Supporting Endogenous Development (COMPAS Africa)

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Eastern and Southern Africa Pastoralist Network (ESAPN)

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Base-Is (Paraguay)

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Cátedra Libre de Soberanía Alimentaria Río Cuarto (Argentina) 

Cátedra Libre de la Escuela de Nutrición de la UBA (Argentina)

Ceccam (México)

Cenami Centro Nacional de apoyo a Misiones Indígenas (México)

Coalición Nacional de Redes y Organizaciones Ambientales (Honduras) 

Colectivo Ecuador Libre de Transgénicos (Ecuador)

Colectiva K-Luumil X’ko’olelo’ob, Quintana Roo (México)

Colectivo por la Autonomía: Saberes Locales (México)

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Indonesia for Global Justice-IGJ (Indonesia)

Instituto de Salud Socioambiental-Facultad de Ciencias Médicas-UNR (Argentina) 

Ka Kuxtal Much Meyaj AC, Campeche (México)

Malaysian Food Security and Sovereignty Forum (FKMM) (Malaysia)

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 COASP-Mali (comité ouest africain des semences paysannes - Mali)

jardin d'oréda

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