Remote Learning Teacher Resources

We are offering many resources to assist teachers with remote learning.  Resources include step-by-step directions, video tutorials, online courses, and help desk hours.  For additional support or to schedule one-to-one support, please contact Julie Flack at, Mary Dust at, or Joe Fatheree at

These resources are designed to assist with communication, delivery of instruction, and providing feedback to students.  Teachers are encouraged to use digital resources that students and parents are familiar with.  In addition, this does not include the wide range of content specific digital resources that teachers use including Reading Eggs, Newsela,, IXL, Khan Academy, etc.  Teachers are encouraged to utilize those resources as well.

During Remote Learning, it is helpful to make shared documents accessible to all with the link so that parents can access documents without their child’s Google account information.  Directions for adjusting sharing options so that student login is not required can be found here.



Email an entire class from iNow

If any parent is not getting school emails, contact Kevin McKenna at

Google Classroom

Google Classroom Online Course

How to Add Students in Remote Learning

Classroom Tips #1  (Handout, Video)

Recommended Grades:  4-12

Help Desk Hours

Wednesday 11-12

Zoom Meeting ID: 921-326-8703 

Private FB Group

Set up a private Facebook group

Recommended Grades:  K-5


Dial *67 prior to dialing the number to keep your personal number private.

Contact Kevin McKenna at with questions.

Google Voice

Make calls while keeping your number private

Google Voice must be setup with a personal Google account.  It is not available through your school account.


Bloomz (website)

Recommended Grades:  K-3

School Messenger

Quick Start Guide (pdf)

Link to login is on the Unit 40 Staff page.

(teachers hired prior to 19-20 school year) 
(teachers hired after 19-20)

Contact Kevin McKenna at for support.


Google Classroom

Google Classroom Online Course

Add students by student ID (vs. Class Code)

Turn off Google Classroom Email Notifications

How to Submit a Photo in Google Classroom

Google Classroom Cheat Sheet for Parents

Help Desk Hours

Wednesday 11-12

Zoom Meeting ID: 921-326-8703


How to Publish Files as a Web Page


Lesson Recorder

SmartNotebook Lesson Recorder (video)

Recommended for:  creating screencasts of Notebook files or any online instruction.

Office Hours Coming Soon!


Zoom 101 for Teachers (print)

Webinars - Register for LIve and/or View Recorded

Getting Started with VideoConferencing

VideoConferencing Etiquette (for participants)

How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting

Zoom Security

Best Practices for Securing you Classroom

Tips for Making Better Videos


A Beginner Guide for Educators  (print resource)

Easy Screen Recording with Screencastify (video)

How to Activate Free Access with CAST_COVID (must be all caps) Code 


How to Access Your School Files at Home
(Filr will not work for share drives.)


Google Classroom

Google Classroom Online Course

Add students by student ID (vs. Class Code) 

How to Add a Custom Comment Bank

Help Desk Hours

Tuesdays 2-3

Thursdays 9-10

Zoom Meeting ID: 921-326-8703

Wednesday 5-6  

Zoom Meeting ID:  281-005-667


Zoom 101 for Teachers

Webinars - Register for LIve and/or View Recorded

Video Conference Etiquette

Leading Video Conferences

Zoom Security

Zoom Q&A Coming Soon!

Google Forms

Getting Started with Forms

25 Practical Ways to Use Google Forms

Office Hours Coming Soon!

Google Docs

How to Add Feedback to Student Google Docs

Recommended for:  continued feedback on a long term project;  feedback on a continued journal/log