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Action Toolkit - Climate Action Call - **FINAL** - 2022.05.19
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Climate Action Call  

Action Toolkit: May 19, 2022

 ACTION #1a    Tweet at Your State Representative

If you are a Twitter user, please use the instructions below to Tweet at your Rep. If you are not on Twitter, send your Rep an email (instructions below).

In your Tweet, please include…

This Link -

These Hashtags - #BurningQuestionMA #ClimateHeroChallenge

Your Representative - Look up your representative here

Sample Tweet

Dear @[insert your Rep’s Twitter handle],

I have a #ClimateHeroChallenge for you. Please push back against the gas utility companies and speak up for a bold climate bill this session. It's time to move beyond gas. Learn more at #BurningQuestionMA


Use the provided graphic (below) or upload a photo or graphic of your own!

Click Here to Download

 ACTION #1b    Email Your State Representative

If you are not a Twitter user, write your Representative a quick email. You can use the sample text below, but your message will mean more if you personalize it!

If you have contacted them about this issue before, use this as an opportunity to send a follow up note. Ask if they were able to speak with Representative Roy.

Sample Email

TO: Click here to find the name & email of your State Rep


Dear Representative [Your Rep’s Name],

I am a constituent in your district, and I am deeply concerned about climate change.

Will you do everything in your power to transition our homes to safe, clean energy? That’s my Burning Question for you and the House leadership. Our children need climate superheroes willing to stop the gas utility companies from blocking our clean heat future. If the gas industry gets its way, the climate crisis will get worse. I ask you to please:

Please support the Burning Question Legislative Agenda (, which will ensure a swift transition to a clean energy future. Please ask TUE Committee Chairman Jeff Roy to support these important goals in a comprehensive climate bill.

Thank you,

[Your name and town]

 ACTION #2    Help Others Take Action

Use Facebook, email, or the phone to invite two friends to join you in the #ClimateHeroChallenge.


Use the “Share to Feed” option to share THIS POST with your friends on Facebook. Add a personal note that says:

I’m taking the #ClimateHeroChallenge and I challenge 2 friends to join me. @______ and @_______  (Cut & paste live links to your friends’ FB pages). Let’s make noise to make sure our lawmakers in MA fight for clean, safe, affordable heat this session. Check out the post below for instructions on how to complete your challenge. #BurningQuestionMA.


Forward your email to two friends

 RESOURCES  Learn More  

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