Why we should not kill elephants

1.Hi my name is Emma and i'm going to persuade you that you should not kill elephants because people who kill elephants they  just want there tusk and that is sad don't you think and you know how many elephants have been killed each day 100 per day. Do you think that killing elephants is illegal well it's not because killing is poaching not hunting but  if you kill elephants and take there tusked out and sell them it is banned worldwide in illegal but it has not been completely eliminated.

2.Firstly People might think that killing elephants isn't bad because they are doing it for a reason which is getting there tusk and selling them for money  and the to chinese people  love to buy elephant tusks and you know what they do to it they hang them up the wall but what is the point of killing elephants.

When you're just going to do that.

3.Secondly Elephants are among the world's most intelligent and sensitive animals, if they are intelligent then why do African people kill elephants?.Elephants they live in close family groups that are now being torn apart by a new wave of poaching that has swept across Africa, now that is sad don't you think so.

4.Thirdly if you are wondering why they still kill elephants despite a ban on the international trade in ivory African elephants are still being poached in large numbers. Tens of thousands of elephants are being killed every year for their ivory tusks. The ivory is often carved into ornaments and jewellery  China is the biggest consumer market for such products. If you guys are wondering how are we going to save the elephants

Support Be aware of the plight of captive elephants and Adopt an elephant.

5.  I hope I have persuaded you and explained to you not to kill elephants any more and to spread the word around that we should not kill elephants any more.