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Law Enforcement Officers
Pursuit Policy (LEO & Civilian)


The following is created for LEO’s and Civilians to understand Pursuits in vehicles or on foot. This policy order has been signed by Director of Emergency Services: Holden T & Commissioner: Richard M and shall be followed by both law enforcement and civilians.  

Departmental Vehicle Pursuits and Civilian Rules

LEO Policy:

1. Any LEO issued a marked police vehicle shall have both lights and sirens on while in pursuit at all times while driving. (Lights must stay on after the stop but sirens may be turned off)

2.  LEO’s shall not drive in a way that creates a danger to Public Safety or to any other LEO

3. If there is an unmarked unit that calls in the pursuit and a marked unit joins the pursuit, the marked unit is to take lead and overtake the unmarked unit in the pursuit.

4. If your vehicle is deemed disabled you are no longer able to pursue
a) Check Engine comes on
b) The vehicle will not start or run
c) If the chase starts to endanger Public Safety or those of your fellow officers

5. Law Enforcement vehicles shall not be repaired at any time during the pursuit. If found doing so LEO will be removed from the pursuit and giving a 3-day suspension

6. If you are the sole unit in the pursuit you shall do your best to describe the pursued vehicle, number of occupants, the direction of travel, description of occupants, and call out their speed

7. If you’re the passenger in the lead vehicle you are responsible for calling out speeds, descriptions, directions of travel and suspect information. If no passenger is in the vehicle the secondary vehicle will be responsible

8. Must read the suspect their Miranda rights once they are caught during the chase and have been told their crime(s)

Civilian Policy and Rules

The rules are as follows for civilians:

While you are fleeing you must NOT drive into pedestrians and RDM/VDM other players.

If you collide with a wall, tree, light pole, or any object at 40+ MPH then your vehicle is considered disabled. This also goes for if you collide with another vehicle.

If your your vehicle is considered disabled as mentioned above, you may flee on foot.

LEO’s may use lethal force if you attack an LEO or other Civilians. If you are killed during the chase when you respawn the chase is over and cannot be continued same with the reason the chase was started (eg. Running from a fight)

Once you have been placed in custody (cuffs or disabled with a taser) you are no longer allowed to flee.


If you flee and get away, you’re not to change Skin, Model, or Clothing within 5 minutes after the chase ends. You still can steal another vehicle to get further away.

At no times should you repair your vehicle while being pursued. If you do, your vehicle will be considered disabled, impounded, and you may not flee on foot at that point. By repairing your vehicle while being actively pursued then you are subject to kick/ban.


*LEO In this document stands for any Law Enforcement Officer
*Civilian in this document stands for any Non-Law Enforcement Officer