Crews Middle School PTSA Committee & Officers


Co-Presidents: Dora Caulfield & Jennifer Wright

Vice-President: Doll Andrade

Secretary: Tiffany Tiller

Treasurer: Mary Kay Pozsgay

(see bylaws for officer description)




Book Fair


Coordinates volunteers for the Fall and Spring Book Fairs.  Works with the media clerk to determine what is needed.

Community Outreach

Vanessa Robinson-Dooley

Works with the counselors to determine needs that can be met through PTSA.

Cultural Arts

Carrie Foster

Coordinates bringing in Cultural Arts programs for the students.  Works with the media specialist to bring in authors and works with administration for other programs.

8th Grade Celebration

Dora Caulfield, Jennifer Wright

Plans the end-of-year 8th Grade Celebration.  Coordinates selling tickets, ordering t-shirts, booking entertainment (book in the fall!), providing refreshments, and recruiting volunteers.


Dora Caulfield, Doll Andrade

Plans the Fall Fundraiser and coordinates all aspects of the program (volunteers for turn-in days, counting money, placing orders, etc.)


Shelley Heffner

Works with the clinic to coordinate the scoliosis screening program, which takes place in late January/early February.


Monica Moreno

Plans Sweet Treat and luncheon days for the faculty and staff.  Depending on budget and scheduling, these activities generally take place in August, November, February, and May.


Dawn Henning

Attends Legislative Learning Opportunities provided by the Georgia PTA and reports on legislative activity to the Crews Board of Directors.

Media Center Volunteers

Vanessa Robertson

Coordinates volunteers to help out in the media center.  Works with the Media Specialist to determine what is needed.


Nahir Henry

Compiles membership information, distributes membership cards, and creates a master list of Crews PTSA members.  Works with Treasurer to pay all state and national dues.

Publicity/ Website

Allison Hollingshead

Updates Crews PTSA website as needed


Allison Hollingshead

Attends Reflections training provided by the Area 1 council, district, or state.  Distributes rules and application forms; collects forms and entries; coordinates judging of entries; plans an awards breakfast for participants; delivers winning entries to council reflections chair for judging and exhibition; relays information about council and state level judging for those entries that go on to compete at those levels.  Typically begins in August and ends in December.

School Beautification

Kristin Spake

Fills the planters at the front of the school, in the carpool lane, and in the bus lane 2-3 times a year, as needed (prior to Open House, winter, and spring).  Additional projects could be added as budget permits.

School Social - 6th

Vanessa Robinson-Dooley

Plans the 6th Grade Social for late January/early February.  Sends out flyers with permission slips, sells tickets, books entertainment, purchases refreshments, and recruits volunteers.  Typically, a committee of 2-3 people.

School Social - 7th

Sherrie Mikell, Kathy Culbertson

Plans the 7th Grade Social for late October/early November.  Sends out flyers with permission slips, sells tickets, books entertainment, purchases refreshments, and recruits volunteers.  Typically, a committee of 2-3 people.

Spirit Wear

Doll Andrade

Choose spirit wear designs to be offered.  Designs are typically determined in the summer preceding the school year.  This committee will sell the items on Open House day and Curriculum Nights and distribute orders when they are received.  Typically 2-3 people on committee.

Student Recognition

Kathy Culbertson

Decorated the 3 large bulletin boards in the main hallway prior to Open House.  Works with Assistant Principals to plan the (almost monthly) Bronco of the Month breakfast and the All As breakfast after 1st semester.  


Nahir Henry

Sends get well, sympathy, or congratulations cards to the staff as needed.


Jennifer Wright, Dora Caulfield

Compiles a list of volunteers from information provided through My Payments Plus; receives requests for volunteer help from PTSA committee chairs and from the school; posts notices for volunteers in the Bronco Bulletin and directly emails the volunteer list to recruit volunteers.