Cecile Chagnaud - FR/SG
Etienne Rolin - USA/FR

Dirk Johan Stromberg - USA/SG

Photo: Wong Yok Teng (KLEX Festival, Malaysia)


Improvisors Dirk Stromberg, Ettien Rollin and French Experimental Filmmaker and VJ Cecile Chagnaud join forces as an improvising trio. Their collaboration of organic electro-instrumental sounds, haltingly quirky videos, and sonic explorations with woodwinds creates unique and exciting performances. Trioture is interested in the intersection of sound and visuals.

Cecile works have received awards from the Academy Awards and Cannes Film Festival. Etienne has toured the world over as a composer, performer, soundpainter and visual artist. Dirk has been featured in residencies and festivals in Europe, Asia and the United States.

About the Performance


Dirk performs on his instrument, “Phallophone”, a hybrid electro-acoustic instrument that explores pitch, rhythmic and timbral limits of performative sonic interaction. Etienne is plays Bansuri and Basset Horn, exploring both traditional approaches to the instruments as well as explorations into the outer realms of their possibilities. Cecile delivers a unique palette of videos that are developed through live VJ’ing including sonic and environmental manipulation. Trioture focuses on micro-narratives and the tapestry of possibilities within the development and alignment of ideas in large scale improvised compositions.

They continue to find new ways of interaction to create more diverse and exciting pallets.


Cecile Chagnaud, Originally from Paris, France, earned a Master’s degree in Editing from La Fémis. A film editor, sound designer, documentary and experimental filmmaker, photographer and a lecturer, she has worked with many renowned movers and shakers of the film industry including Chantal Akerman, Pavel Lounguine, Keren Yehada, Henri Francois Imbert, Dominique Cabrera, Jean Xavier Delestrade, Philippe Faucon and Marcel Ophuls. Her interest lies in feature films, art films and documentaries. One of the documentaries Murder on a sunday morning won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature at the 74th Academy Awards in 2002. Cecile’s own film productions and photography works have also been featured in festivals such as Cannes Junior and Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival.

Etienne Rolin is a prolific composer and performer. Basset horn and Bansuri flutes. He has composed for prominent French ensembles : Ensemble Intercontemporain , 2E2M Are Nova. His music is informed by Rock, Jazz, Hindustani and Classical Western music. He has been a contributor to the soundpainting community for the past 10 years, where he has helped introduce the language worldwide. His long list of collaborators include Steve Lacy, Jerry Bergonzi, and Walter Thompson. Rolin has been on faculty at the Bordeaux Conservatory since 1985, where he continues to serve as a researcher, performer and composer. He also serves as the president of the Temp'óra International Forum.

Dirk Johan Stromberg comes from an eclectic background of improvising, audio engineering, and hardware and software design. His work over the last decade has been influenced by his early residencies at STEIM (Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music). Over the years he has created a number of instruments as part of institutional commissions and large-scale research projects funded by the Singapore government. Stromberg has worked primarily as a collaborator in the past years, often working with different institutions and artistic communities. He is currently on faculty at LASALLE College of the Arts and is a co-founder and co-director of the Duong Dai Festival in Vietnam.


Technical Considerations:

Technical setup and test (one-hour) for video and audio on the same day as the performance. Once the technical setup and test is done we are unable to shift our equipment.

Please contact:  for questions and more information


Lodging - Three individual rooms

Food - Two meals offered by event organizers for each performer for each day of performance. Water, Coffee and Tea should be available at the venue.

Venue - A secure space to leave equipment on the day of the show

Festivals - Entrance into other concerts on a festival free of charge