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77.58 Ass
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77.58 Ass

1230. “There's nothing to be gained by trying to make the government more efficient, by trying to get the "bad guys" out and the "good guys" in. The government has nothing to offer you.”

We want to believe the government is basically good, but how can we.  Government is force.

1231. “THE DESPAIR TRAP is the belief that other people can prevent you from being free.”

I don’t believe most of us fall so far into a funk that we are living in despair.  Maybe it could be called approaching despair.  But it sure does look like others prevent us from being free.  What it really is that we surrender our freedom to others.

1232. “The popular conventions of society might discourage you from breaking out of uncomfortable situations to find those people. Such hallowed traditions as one marriage, one career, one employer, staying in one place, etc., can cause you to feel that you must make the best of whatever situation you're already in.”

1233. “You're in the Despair Trap if you believe that you have to stay where you are and work things out somehow.”

Every man or woman ever divorced has been in this trap at some point before the divorce took place.

1234. All family pets are “animal slaves”.  They are totally dependent on us for food, water, and shelter.  We may be benevolent slave masters, but we are slave masters just the same.

1235. About 9 months ago, a couple of cats began wandering the neighborhood.  Both were jet black, and one was significantly larger, maybe the mother.  After a couple of weeks, I began to see the little one by herself.  Once she got hungry enough, I began to put out a bit of food for her, and she could really pack it in.  Even so, she was skin and bones thin.  Jacksonville has one of the best feral cat neutering programs in the country, so I took her over to be spayed.  Turns out, she had already been neutered and even had a chip implant.  After getting her rabies shots and having her dewormed, I posted the pet found info on the chip site, but the owner never came forward.  I imagine he moved and just abandoned the two cats.  I don’t know what happened to momma.  As much as I love that spunky cat, I’m glad she can not reproduce.  For humans to breed more pets makes no sense.  Millions of dogs and cats die every year from neglect and starvation in the U.S. alone.

1236. If we recognized the right of all nonhuman animals not to be owned, all domestication of animals would end immediately.

1237. “If you want a marriage partner who's compatible with your way of life, you don't have to prove to everyone that your way is right. You need to find only one person who meets your needs and who wants you as you are.”

Biggest mistake of my life was not being better at selecting marriage partners.  Got 3 divorces to prove it.

1238. “THE RIGHTS TRAP is the belief that your rights will make you free. Unfortunately, rights exist only in theory. In practice, they don't accomplish much—no matter how much people may discuss them.”

When I was a Foreign Service Officer assigned to embassies abroad, I was always amazed at Americans who believed that the bill of rights traveled with them around the world.  

Here is the 195th class:

I was in the First Class.  Renumbering began in 1981 after Reagan was inaugurated.  Before that, it ended with the 150th Class.  We were just glad we were not among the classes that came after us - Second Class or Third Class.

1239. “It's popularly assumed that you have a right to your life. Unfortunately however, if someone kills you, your right is of little value. The police may investigate, may even find the killer, may even take him to court and convict him, may even execute him. But none of that will change the fact that you're dead.”

1240. “If a law is passed to protect your rights, it's an uncertain, temporary safeguard at best. Laws are broken, amended, repealed, overruled, ignored, and ill-enforced. They're not very effective protectors.”

1241. “In personal relationships, it's easy to fall into the habit of expecting others to treat you as you think you should be treated. But that's a form of the Identity Trap.

 Each person you deal with will treat you as his knowledge and understanding

guide him—whether he be a friend or stranger.”

1242. Means Center

I am out at a downtown Jax McDonald’s killing time before my doctor appointment at the Means Center.  The free health care is better than most paid.  It’s all connected to Shands Hospital and the University of Florida.

At the clinic, it’s 8 am which is when my appointment with the doctor.  The clerk came out and apologized that while the doctors and nurse practitioners were there, there could be a delay for a few minutes while they waited for a couple of MAs to arrive.

Now, there were only 3 of us waiting.  One scrunchy looking woman just had to bitch and moan about it.  “This is bullshit.”  We had to wait all of 5 minutes.

When was the last time your doctor sent someone out to apologize for a 5 minute wait?

Later, I went to the pharmacy where I get diabetes meds free also.  The way people bitch, you would think you had to donate a kidney to get some Metformin.  

Clerks were busy at all 6 windows (behind bulletproof glass) dispensing free and low cost meds.  You had to get past the metal detectors and security just to get in the room.  And still people bitch.  

“I’m going to have to sit down.”  Another 5 minute wait strikes.

Half of the meds would not be necessary if fat ass complainers would down a few less cheeseburgers between doctor visits.  

Think about it.  Half of these patients are homeless.  They could be sleeping on the sidewalk.  And they are complaining about waiting for free meds.  At least they are inside out of the Florida heat and afternoon showers.

“No thanks ma’am.  I’ll just wait here in the corner and watch TV for a while.  Please serve those other patients first.”

Does that homeless fat ass have an office to get back to?

I think I understand why chefs spit in the food if you send it back.  My nephew works at P.F. Changs, and there are scammy diners who complain about everything trying to get comped by the manager for free food.

But the Shands Pharmacy is already free.  If you complain, no one is going to hand you a free dessert.

“My EpiPen doesn’t seem right.  How about a few OxyContin to make up for it?”

At the doctor’s, my blood sugar was 99.  I’m on the right track.  I know many people hate Metformin, but it works for me.

My goal over the next 77 days is to reverse diabetes, get my A1C under 7, and get off all diabetes meds.  I can’t know what my final results will be, but I do know I need to stick to the vegan diet and get more exercise.

1243. “A great burden was lifted from my shoulders the day I realize; that no one owes me anything. For as long as I'd thought that there were certain things I was entitled to, I'd been wearing myself out trying to collect them.”

1244. “The Rights Trap is the belief that your rights can get you what you want. You're in the trap any time you count on anything other than an individual's self-interest to cause him to give you what you want.”

When I was in the Foreign Service, I regularly fell into this rights trap.  As Diplomats, we demanded a certain status.  What we really were was glorified clerks.  Some status.

1245. “It always makes more sense to concentrate on the direct alternatives—the things you do control. What others do is up to them, but there's always a great deal you can do. Choose from the alternatives that require only your decision—not from among the many hopes that someone will be something other than what he is.”

1246. “You have so much control over your life, it would be a shame to throw it away. But you do just that if you hope to get what you want by involving your rights or by trying to change others.”

Way too easy to forget just what you do have control over, and to bypass those things you don’t have control over.

1247. WOW#1

AI is disrupting the workforce in ways that are inevitable.  Self-driving cars and trucks will mean millions of jobs lost in the near future.  Even in knowledge professions, many laser surgeries cannot be done by a doctor’s hand alone.  AI can even write better and better news articles and sports reports.

Curation software is everywhere for spinning content.  The mention of Gary Halbert last night makes me believe a safe “job” or side hustle may well be in copywriting.  Our futures may lie in finding the new hungry crowds and making recommendations for products and services that relieve the pain.

I’m sure AI can or will take over crappy copywriting.  I’m just hoping I can do better in some areas than the machines.

I think this new challenge may be the smallest he has done, but the best.

1248. “THE UTOPIA TRAP is the belief that you must create better conditions in society before you can be free.”

1249. “There are two basic reasons I don't get involved in the quest to change society: (1) because it's an indirect alternative, it's a much harder, more permanent job than most people realize; and (2) it isn't necessary. An individual doesn't need to live in a free society in order to free himself—and when he tries to change the world, he's in for a lot more trouble than he may have bargained for.”

Otherwise smart people argue with me daily about this point.  People rail against welfare programs and other government largess because they believe they don’t deserve to be supported by taxpayers.  Remember Reagan putting down Welfare Queens.  No one getting support from the taxpayers created the programs.  What people seem to want is for someone in need to turn the money down.  Right.

I am a plant based low fat whole food vegan.  I believe my health benefits, and it’s good for the environment on the ground and in the atmosphere.  But that change is what I can do.  I don’t preach veganism, or demand that the government get rid of animal agriculture.  I hope it happens, but by education, not force.

1250. “You can take the attitude that your way is the right way and that those who

disagree are simply wrong. But that doesn't make any difference. Those "wrong"

people will still be upset and create problems for you.  There will always be disputes, conflicts, and problems to deal with. No system can be established that would be completely peaceful, irrevocable, or permanent.”

1251. I have to rebuild my affiliate marketing presence.  I am now reviewing and outlining and testing every system I have on my external hard drive.  Back to what works.  What it comes down to is developing a niche, monetizing, and building traffic.  I have not built traffic to my sites sufficiently.

1252. But what are people protesting now?  Trump enforcing immigration laws.  A press secretary having dinner at a restaurant?  Low unemployment?

I don’t get it.  We were fighting not to die in Vietnam, or to be forced to make others die.

Every generation thinks the latest one is pampered and spoiled.  They are.

The call of the wild for this generation has been global warming.  First, it may or not be happening, but it doesn’t really look like carbon monoxide is the culprit if it is.

Here is the forecast from 1988 and the reality:

I have read extensively on so called global warming, which was changed to climate change when warming was not certain.

Of course there is climate change.  In two directions.  Constantly.  And not in a straight line.  The weather is not a computer code.

“What actually happened, they got $1 billion for research by scaring the HELL out of everyone. I wonder what kind of chart I should make to get $1 billion handed to me from Congress with no performance requirements. What a deal.”


What gets me is people.  Global warming con men want you to believe that if you give them money, they can control the planet’s temperature.  These same people cannot stop millions of illegal aliens from crossing the border or make Amtrak a train service worth riding.

All of this dissent will not matter much when the SHTF.  And it will.  We just don’t know when.

Peter Schiff sees stagflation coming like we had under Carter.  I remember my first car loan carried about a 20% interest rate.

Stagflation is a combination of high inflation and negative economic growth.

But even then, we had good jobs available.  You could work and feed a family.

Instead of watching TV, I check the news and sports once in a while online.  Anything big that happens will be there.  And many stupid items that don’t warrant my attention.

1253. Social Media

Stumbleupon has joined or morphed into a service called Mix.  Looks like a clean way to get some news.

It’s hard for all of these social media sites to stay independent.  Mix makes you join via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.  It even has an extension for my Chrome browser.

All of the public hacks and breaches of social media sites are having a negative effect.  I guess it was inevitable.  In America, we like to build up heroes and then tear them apart.

I have no issues with Facebook, but Zuckerberg will face many.

1254. “But there are plenty of people who believe that freedom includes taking what they need from others—usually through political action. Many of them consider inequalities in wealth to be conditions of slavery. They would continue to fight for the social conditions they want.”

This is the Green New Deal Democrats are floating before the nominations begin.  Terms like racist and slavery are bandied about like never before.  We are also getting those periodic calls for reparations for slavery.

1255. “Those who rule will always do so by their own subjective standards—whether their authority is hereditary succession, a military takeover, or a vote of "the people." There will be those within a society who approve, those who disapprove, and those who go their own ways and pay little attention to the rulers.”

This may be one of the strongest arguments against voting.  Why encourage politicians?

1256. “That doesn't mean that one society can't be a happier place for you to live than another. There are differences, and it makes sense to consider living in the society whose rules most nearly coincide with the way you want to live. That's a direct alternative. It takes far less effort to find and move to the society that has what you want than it does to try to reconstruct an existing society to match your standards.”

This is the whole point behind  You travel at will and stay longer in interesting places where you want to live.  Find social standards that match what you want.  History is jammed by people who were not happy in their social situations and were eventually trapped behind enemy lines, like Jews in Germany and the wealthy in 1949 China.

1257. “Free men recognize that they can't change the world, and so they concentrate on the power they do have—which is enormous. They realize that they can choose not to be involved in situations that don't suit them.”

1258. “THE BURNING-ISSUE TRAP is the belief that there are compelling social issues that require your participation.”

1259. ChkLines - Native Advertising

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