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HOW TO - Participate in the #DFIRFitin2020 challenge
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Hello, and welcome! This guide will walk you through the steps that you can take in order to participate.

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First, and most importantly,congratulations on deciding to participate in the DFIRFit in 2020 challenge! Secondly, don’t get dissuaded by “miles”, we have created an easy to use spreadsheet so you can convert almost any activity to miles (more on that later)

Now that the hard part is out of the way, now you can work on setting up some important steps.

  1. Create an account at This can be any username and password you’d like, it is entirely up to you
  1. UPDATE JANUARY 11, 2020: You will have to pay for Premium Access in order to post to the DFIRFitin2020 challenge once the Premium Access trial expires. This is for both manual and automatic syncing of your device(s) that you have already set up. We asked if this was required before we started the challenge, but apparently there was a miscommunication by the My Virtual Mission folks.  We apologize for this, however Premium Access is relatively cheap at $25. Shortly before the trial expires, you will also likely receive an email from “Adam from My Virtual Mission & The Conqueror Event Series” with the title “My Virtual Mission free trial ending”, which will offer a 10% discount on the Premium Access.

  1. Sign up for the Conquer 2020 event at (should look like this, you can choose either option, that is entirely up to you)

  1. You will be taken to the order screen, input your details, and complete the order
  2. Next, you will receive an email with the code/information needed to complete your registration. NOTE: You DO NOT have to buy an additional entry to participate in the DFIRFitin2020 mission
  3. Under “Events” on the “My Virtual Mission” page ( ) you will see an area where you can input the code for the Mission. It should look like this:

  1. For the Conquer 2020 challenge, you can set up your goal to be whatever you’d like. You can choose 2020 miles. Or 1337 miles. Or 500 miles. Or 860 miles. Whatever you want your personal goal to be, you can pick that (more on miles, and the “conversion” later). You can also modify your goal at any time.
  1. You can also sign up for any other challenge they offer as part of the Conquer 2020 deal. Some of us have chosen the Inca Trail challenge because the medal is cool, but that is entirely up to you to choose which one and what duration!
  2. For both challenges, you can join the DFIRFit community, which will allow the map and leaderboard to be filtered to just members of our group. This community is private, send myself (@brianjmoran) or Kathryn (@4enzikat0r) a message on Twitter, or send us an email at “info[@]”, and we will give you the password. To apply the filter, go to the mission page for the challenge and underneath the map, change ‘Viewing’ from ‘Active Participants’ to ‘DFIRFit’.
  1. Once you are done, then you can enter the DFIRFit in 2020 mission page ( ) This mission is a total of 860 miles, and covers the distance from the Magnet User Summit hotel in Nashville to the DFIRSummit hotel in Austin. The group is private, send myself (@brianjmoran) or Kathryn (@4enzikat0r) a message on Twitter, or send us an email at “info[@]”, and we will give you the password for the group. NOTE: You DO NOT have to purchase an additional entry to participate in the DFIRFit in 2020 mission
  2. You can clean up your profile, make it as unique as you’d like. It is entirely up to you!
  3. Wait until January 1, 2020 to kick off the challenge(s)!

We created an easy to use Google Sheet that contains a wide variety of activities, and converts them into miles based off how long you performed that activity/exercise. The multipliers are based off of the chart on the blog, but have also been updated for activities that members of this group are likely to perform. If there is an activity that you would like to have added, please let us know, and we will add it as quickly as possible.

The conversion spreadsheet can be found here

IMPORTANT NOTE: The spreadsheet has to be shared as editable, so you may notice that someone else is using it at the same time as you. You are welcome to make a copy, but be aware that exercises and/or values will be updated on the main spreadsheet. This shouldn’t be a huge issue, as there are around 125+ activities there, but if you request something specific to be added, make sure you make a copy of the latest version(s)

The missions can sync with a variety of fitness trackers/devices automatically (you can do so here , and be sure to follow all of the applicable instructions, including what data source(s) and/or activity(ies) to sync), but you can also input data manually. For the manual option, the easiest way is to navigate to “My Missions” ( ) then submit distance accordingly, which should look similar to below. It is important to note that the distance is only recorded to one decimal place, so round up or round down accordingly (the Google Sheet takes care of this automatically for you for non-distance recorded activities, so you just have to copy and paste). Just like any other import of data, you may “double dip” if you do not specify on your fitness tracker (as well as your phone) to not count steps during activity(ies). The way to disable this differs from device to device, so if you want to ensure that does not happen, and want to count steps, Google is your friend :)

UPDATE, January 18, 2020: Thanks to Sarah Edwards for confirming this, when you pay for Premium Access, the challenge(s) may now actually recognizes both Apple Watch and iPhone (in some cases, or if you originally set it up that way, it didn’t previously). So you may have to delete duplicate entries from these device(s) if you do not want to “double dip” on overall progress in the race(s).

MORE IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use Strava to automatically import your data, it will most likely display a map of where that activity occurred, even if it was stationary in your home. If that is of concern to you, sharing map data of your activity(ies) do not connect Strava as an automatic data input.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When using the  My Virtual Mission application on your device(s) will likely allow you to see additional “My Connections” services, such as Google Fit on Android and Health Kit on Apple. These are not available through the website itself, you have to do this on your mobile device(s). Also be aware that although you may record workouts/activities in your “My Connections” services, it may not count as a “distance” activity, so you may have to make a manual entry in order to count that for distance. For example, cardio with no distance, or a HIIT class, or stretching, or a strength workout may not count for distance through the automatic syncing, and you will have to create a manual entry.

For everyone who records at least one activity on the DFIRFit in 2020 mission, they will be entered into a random drawing that will occur on the first day of each month, and will receive a small package of, as of yet, TBD, items. This is meant to help motivate participants to stay active.