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Pottery Instructor & Product Coordinator
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Job Description: Pottery Instructor & Product Coordinator


Mondaes seeks Pottery instructors who have a preexisting knowledge base in clay, glazes, firing, and a love for sharing pottery & ceramics with others. Pottery Instructors may specialize in one area (wheel vs. handbuilding), though adding to your general knowledge of work with clay will add to your capability to help Makers on the sales floor.

Our Pottery Instructor positions include pre-scheduled class times paid hourly and Sales Floor Support shifts that allow you to aid in walk-in project support for Makers. The presence of Instructors within the classroom and on the floor provides a unique opportunity to support Mondaes product sourcing decisions. This closes the loop between education and retail: the Maker is instructed on how to use a material they can purchase to continue their artform independently.


- Mondaes Instructor positions require excellent people skills, humility and discernment, and a love for learning new things. Instructors must be problem solvers and self starters who are able to listen to clients and honor all Maker perspectives.  Sales training is provided, with past experience preferred. Mastery of this position is prerequisite to moving to director positions.

-This position demands the ability to stand for most of a 4-7 hour shift, hustle at times for class set up, and the ability to lift 30-40 lbs often. Attire is casual with room for individuality while modesty and mobility are prioritized. Pottery Tech attire requirements apply to Pottery positions.

-Team members who take ownership of their client base will influence Mondaes buying choices, ultimately the U.S. and fair wage art supply markets, and will have a lot more fun at work. At no time is there nothing to do - Mondaes Makerspace Team is made up of Creatives with drive and self-direction that improve their workspace, no matter what position.

Time Frame: Classes are held in the day (between 10-4) and evening (between 6-9), often rotating the offering to meet client needs.  Please apply if you are able to offer classes/sales floor support for either day or evening, thought priority will be given to flexible availability.  Instructors will be required to work occasional Saturday offerings. Specifics are worked through with management, published per art-class season, with 20-30 hours per week offered.

Pay: DOE. $.50 raises 2 x per year minimum when job requirements are met.

Begins: Once hired. Training is paid and lasts 4 weeks + depending on position.

Reviews: Quarterly personal reviews with management provided in order to assess performance, job position fit, and changes to the job description or tasks. Raises offered during reviews if merited.

Pay Periods: Semi-Monthly on the 3rd and 18th of every month.

Monthly Meetings: 2nd Mondays from 7-8pm, paid and mandatory unless excused.

To Apply, email your resumé to : with “Resumé” as the subject.