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Issue Positions of / Endorsements for:

Pamela Price

Nancy O’Malley

Crime Prosecution

Plans to focus resources on serious and violent crimes, while treating low-level, nonviolent crimes (often the result of mental health and/or substance abuse issues) as health - not criminal - issues. Will ask deputies to focus more on justice than conviction rate. Will create a “Conviction Integrity Unit” to honestly review closed cases and help ensure that innocent people are set free, no matter how much time has passed.

Increasing Public Safety

Believes that public safety improves when we build healthier communities by supporting social service interventions that reduce harmful behavior without reliance on the criminal justice system. She will advocate for funding for before and after-school education programs, sexual assault and domestic violence counseling, mentoring and support services for young people, targeted employment opportunities, and quality healthcare

Mass Incarceration

Supports expanding alternatives to incarceration, such as diversion and restorative justice (including a focus on survivor-centered approaches).

Her office has created several collaborative courts and initiatives to reduce recidivism and incarceration. She created the Fair and Equitable Policing and Prosecution Working Committee to ensure bias has no role in prosecution or victim services.

Bail Reform

Supports eliminating the cash bail system (which results in incarceration without conviction when people are too poor to afford bail)

A strong advocate of bail reform. In Alameda County, pre-trial detention has fallen to about 24% compared to the statewide average of 70%.


Opposes incarcerating youth, especially in adult facilities. Plans to implement policies to break the school-to-prison pipeline. Supports reallocating funds used to incarcerate youth on on education and employment programs for youth.

Nancy’s priority for youth engaged in criminal activity is always rehabilitation. She engaged Community Works providing restorative justice to youth. She has worked with allied agencies to create diversion and other programs as alternative to Juvenile Hall. She has reduced filing against juveniles by 2/3.

Death Penalty

Will refuse to seek the death penalty in any case.

Has all but eliminated the Death Penalty. Only 1 out of 197 eligible cases was tried as a death penalty case since she has been DA.


Will discourage cooperation between local law enforcement and ICE.

Police Accountability

Will create a “Police Accountability Unit” that will vigorously and fairly investigate allegations of police misconduct, provide a prompt public report, and pursue charges as necessary.

The DA’s office has made elimination of bias in prosecuting and sentencing crimes a top priority. This includes careful, ongoing review of prosecution statistics. Has sought to create systems and procedures in the DA's office to ensure that defendants of all backgrounds and ethnicities are treated with equal consideration.

Gun Violence

Will work with law enforcement, educational institutions, community-based organizations, and the faith community to funnel resources toward addressing the root causes of gun violence, and build safer, healthier communities for everyone.

Stop and Frisk

Believes that stop and frisk is racial profiling inflicts on communities, recognizes the harm inflicted and ineffectiveness of these practices, and will not prosecute cases that are based on illegally obtained evidence.

Transparency and Reform

Will ensure that the public has a clear picture of how cases are prosecuted and how reform efforts can promote public safety while reducing incarceration rates and eliminating racial disparities.

Human Trafficking

Launched the H.E.A.T. Watch Program which unites prosecutors, police, service providers, policy makers and communities in the fight against human trafficking of all forms.


Secured millions in funding to eliminate the backlog of untested sexual assault forensic kits and has written pivotal legislation to empower survivors of sexual assault. Since she became DA, more than 60% of lawyers hired have been women.

Alameda County Board of Supervisors

All five members

Mayors and Former Mayors, etc.

Gus Newport - Former Mayor, City of Berkeley

Surlene Grant - Former Vice Mayor, City of San Leandro

Gabriel Quinto - Mayor Pro Tem, El Cerrito City Council

Rochelle Pardue-Okiimoto - Vice Mayor, El Cerrito City Council

Sharon Cornu - Director of Advocacy and Community Engagement. Non-Profit Housing Association, Northern California, Former Oakland Deputy Mayor

Sharon Cornu - Director of Advocacy and Community Engagement. Non-Profit Housing Association, Northern California, Former Oakland Deputy Mayor

Mayors: Albany, Alameda, Berkeley, Dublin, Fremont, Livermore, Newark, Oakland, Piedmont, Pleasanton, San Leandro, and Union City

City Council Members

Vinnie Bacon - Fremont City Council

Kate Harrison - Berkeley City Council

Cheryl Davila - Berkeley City Council

Jael Myrick - Richmond City Council

Corina Lopez - San Leandro City Council

Former Mayors, etc.:

Federal Reps

Senators Feinstein and Harris;  Reps. Swalwell (15th District) and Penetta (20th District)

State Reps

State Senators Skinner, Wieckowski, and Wiener; Assemblymembers Chu, Quirk, and Thurmond

Law Enforcement

Alameda Police Officers Association

Alameda County Deputy Sheriff’s Association

BART Police Officers Association

Berkeley Police Officers Association

East Bay Regional Parks Police Officers Association

Emeryville Police Officers Association

Fremont Police Officers Association

Hayward Police Officers Association

Livermore Police Officers Association

Newark Police Officers Association

Oakland Police Officers Association

Pleasanton Police Officers Association

San Leandro Police Officers Association

University of California Berkeley Police Officers Association

Union City Police Officers Association


California Nurses Association

ILWU Local 10


Marshall Walker - Former President, SEIU Local 790 (Now Local 1021), Past President, Contra Costa Democratic Club, Former Regional Director, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists

Cloudell Douglas, Jr. - President, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, Northern California

Alameda Labor Council

Alameda County Democratic Lawyers Club

Building and Construction Trades Council of Alameda County

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 595

Laborers, Local 304

Northern California Carpenters Regional Council 713

Operating Engineers Local 3

Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 342

Sheet Metal Workers Local 104

Sprinkler Fitter Local 483

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 5

Political Groups

John George Democratic Club

San Leandro Democratic Club

The Collective PAC

​UC Berkeley Progressive Student Association


Gabrielle Dolphin - Co-Vice President of Programs, City of Alameda Democratic Club & Assembly District 18 Social Justice Activist of the Year

Howard Egerman - President, East Oakland Democratic Club & Assembly District 18 Veteran of the Year (2016)

Devin Murphy - President, California Young Black Dems

Alameda County Democratic Party

East Bay Women's Political Caucus

Berkeley Democratic Club

Greater Metropolitan Oakland Democratic Club

Tri-Valley Democratic Club

Tri-Cities Democratic Forum

Hayward Area Democratic Club

South Alameda County Young Democrats

Advocacy Groups



Mark T. Harris - Legal Redress Coordinator, California NAACP

Peter Graham Cohn - Secretary/Treasurer, NAACP National Voter Fund & NAACP National Board Member, Former NAACP Western Regional Counsel

Pamela Drake - State & Local Politics Coordinator, Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club

Jack Kurzweil - Communications Coordinator, Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club

Shaun King - Co Founder, Real Justice PAC

Jerilyn Stapleton - President, California National Organization for Women

Cephus Johnson - Co-Founder, Love Not Blood Campaign

Kimberly Thomas-Rapp - Executive Director, SF Bay Area Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights

Sierra Club

Planned Parenthood Advocates Mar Monte

Community Leaders

Angela Y. Davis - Professor of History and Social Activist

Alicia Garza - Co-founder of Black Lives Matter The link will take you to her 3-minute video endorsement on YouTube

Bishop JW Macklin Bishop - Glad Tidings Church of God in Christ

Pastor Michael McBride - Pastor of The Way Christian Center and Social Activist

Rev. Sandhya Jha - Oakland Peace Center

Danny Glover - Actor and Social Activist

Barbara Becnel - Author and Social Activist

Dr. Fania E. Davis - Professor and Restorative Justice Practitioner

Catharine MacKinnon - Professor and Activist, University of Michigan Law School

Dorothy King Jernegan - Owner, Everett & Jones BBQ

Kathleen Sullivan - Executive Director, Greater Richmond Interfaith Program & President, Richmond/Contra Costa BWOPA Chapter

Maxine Benson - Community Advisor, Community for A Better Environment, Former Chairwoman, Alameda County Commission on the Status of Women

Dr. Valerie Miles-Tribble - Associate Professor, American Baptist Seminary of the West

Margaretta Lin - Former Oakland Deputy City Administrator

Jean Hyams - President, California Employment Lawyers Assn.

Leslie Levy - California Women Lawyers’ Fay Stender Honoree

Walter Riley - Civil Rights Attorney/Activist