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ASD Nordic Ski Mitigation Plan 2020-21
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Mitigation Plan for 2021-22 School Year TBD

ASD Nordic Ski Mitigation Plan        

Updated 01/29/2021

 Mitigation Plan Overview

This mitigation plan is intended to provide guidance for Region IV Cross Country Ski athletes and coaches when engaging in Winter contact and when planning to use ASD facilities during the Winter season.


This plan may be suspended, or adjusted at any time, based on the level of community transmission defined by the State of Alaska AK COVID-19 Alert Levels.



All participants in Winter Activities must follow the guidelines outlined by ASAA for practice and events.  ASAA Covid-19 Resources


This mitigation plan outlines protocols coaches must follow. 

Designated Event Monitor

There will be a designated individual on site responsible for monitoring and following all social distancing, hygiene, staffing/operations (including participant screening), and cleaning and disinfecting protocols as outlined in this mitigation plan.  The designated event monitor may be an ASD employee, coach, or volunteer who is familiar with the requirements under this plan.





 In the event of a potential exposure, coaches will contact their school administration.  If the administration is unavailable, coaches will contact ASD Healthcare Services Directly at 907-742-4136.

Region IV Competitions

Exception: masks and face coverings during high intensity outdoor organized sports activities are encouraged, but not required, if athletes generally can maintain ten (10) feet physical distancing at all times.