Our Wish List

Dry dog and cat food

Treats/snacks/rawhide chews for dogs and cats

Kitten & puppy replacement milk

Stainless steel food and water bowls

Cat litter

Scratching posts for cats

Veterinary medical supplies

Ear cleaning solutions

Rubbing alcohol & peroxide

Eye ointments

Cotton balls & cotton swabs

Baby wipes

Latex gloves

Kuranda dog beds (donate directly, click here)

Dog collars

Leashes and harnesses (small and large breed)

Washable blankets/sheets/towels for bedding

Household cleaning supplies

Laundry soap

Dish detergent

Paper towels

Garbage bags (55 gal)

New or used pet taxis/caddies (all sizes)

New or used dog houses (all sizes)

Office supplies

Postage stamps

Self Adhesive Envelopes

Canned cat food