Business Studies Teacher

This is an instructional role for a dedicated teaching professional whose main teaching assignment will be 10th standard IGCSE and 11th/12th Standard A-Level Business Studies.

What is Avasara Academy?

Avasara Academy is a nonprofit institution located in Lavale Valley, just outside Pune, India. We are an all girls school with a mission to empower girls of promise to lead lives of distinction and impact. Avasara Academy currently enrolls 350 students in standards 6-12 and will eventually have an enrollment of 500.

Students engage in our specialized curriculum that combines the academic excellence of the Cambridge curriculum with a focus on leadership, entrepreneurship, and Indian studies. Students participate in hands-on leadership and real-world experiences culminating in either an entrepreneurial business or social initiative that serves as a platform for their leadership development. Avasara will continue to nurture these leaders throughout their lives by connecting them to powerful networks of people and capital that can facilitate large-scale change. Avasara Academy, therefore, is not just a school but a life-long network that will cultivate innovative, entrepreneurial leaders.

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Location: Pune, India

Start Date: May 2020

To Apply: Email with a CV or resume and cover letter detailing your experience and interest in the position