This week in last year:

[LOCAL] Peter Crawford Valentino is running a write in campaign for governor of our great state!

[LOCAL] US Senate candidate from California Patrick Little was “lol”-ing on Gab about this robocall by “The Road To Power”

[LOCAL] Shout out to the facebook page Wakesheep for this Austin Bennett video

Socrates 2.0 on Fox and Friends

Great campaign ad!

Audience question time with crazy old Uncle Pat!

Alex Jones on the poop thrower

[RED LIGHT] MadisonStar Moon struggled to understand how facebook works

Video deleted by its creator

[RED LIGHT] MadisonStar Moon is very mad at Kristen or Christen


Grumpy Cat has passed away

Jordan Peterson has an online university

The probably not true story of David Miscavige

From 2011: A song about socialism