To obtain a position as a Software Engineer using front-end and back-end languages to write reusable, quality features, tools, and processes, in code, and to increase business value and improve the user experience for an organization.


Languages and Frameworks


Database and Server Layer

  • TypeScript and Javascript
  • HTML and CSS
  • PHP 5.x and 7.x.*

    * I started on PHP 5.3, but do not actively use the 5.x branch in my day-to-day since it’s reached end-of-life. I have done 5.x to 7.x migrations.

  • MVC frameworks (Symfony, Ruby on Rails 3.x to 5.x)
  • CMS frameworks (Drupal and Joomla, some Wordpress)
  • Libraries (Bootstrap, jQuery)
  • package managers (Composer, gulp, bower, npm)
  • precompilers (Sass,Twig, and HAML)
  • Version control using Git
  • Working knowledge of UML and ERD diagramming using LucidChart, Visio, and StarUML
  • Monitoring software (Google Analytics, New Relic)
  • Local development (Vagrant, nvm, rvm)
  • RDBMS (MySQL/MariaDB, Postgresql)
  • ORM tools (ActiveRecord, Doctrine)
  • Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS*)
  • MacOS
  • Apache/Nginx
  • Server setup to host a website/app such as email, web server, and service configuration

    * Working knowledge of AppArmor (Ubuntu) and SELinux (CentOS) which ship standard now.

Beyond the listed skilled I’ve used, I have an awareness of alternatives and other offerings and can weigh the pros/cons of using a different tool for the job. Some examples of technologies I have a cursory knowledge of but didn’t feel like they should be listed under core competencies either because I haven’t used them to ship professional software, or because I’ve only completed a “hello world”-esque exercise are:

python, go, react, webpack, grunt, node (programming server-side and custom modules), Asana, Subversion, PagerDuty




  • Importance and calculation of Big O notation
  • architecting features
  • learning new software and frameworks quickly
  • reading others’ code
  • browser nuances
  • user account management and security (OWASP)
  • some web server security
  • web app analytics using Google Analytics
  • web app monitoring (New Relic)
  • Communicating technical ideas accurately and easily understandable to relevant stakeholders
  • Composing professional and to-the-point emails
  • Technical documentation
  • Oral Communication skills


Sandstorm Design, Inc.

Full-Stack Engineer

November 2016 - Present


Proven track record of creating web sites based on client specifications under strict deadlines, integrating third-party APIs into existing applications, and implementing single sign-on integrations. Some challenges completed during this time include: accurately translating client’s business needs into working software, completing a multi-month Ruby on Rails project for a client as a solo dev, implementing queue workers to successfully process API data daily. During my time at Sandstorm I’ve become one of the “go-to” developers for specialty projects and back end development.

Themis Bar Review Full-Stack Engineer

Full-Stack Engineer

Jan 2014 - Nov 2016


Responsibilities include increasing functionality in a web-based application using Ruby on Rails 3.2, PHP as a backend and HTML, CSS, SCSS, and jQuery to construct the front-end. Some challenges included the use of an unsupported, legacy PHP framework which needed to communicate with Rails, writing reusable javascript to pull data from the back end and add client-side  functionality, writing new features that play nice with legacy browser versions such as IE8, and finally migrating the legacy web application over to an established framework, such as Symfony2.

Acapella Media LLC/Discount Now LLC

Front-End Engineer and Rails Developer

July 2014 - Sept 2014 (Concurrent with Themis Bar Review)

 https://acapellahq.com (defunct)

I was the US liaison between the India team and management located in the US. Responsibilities included creating features on a limited deadline, refactoring subpar code in Ruby and Javascript, creating new functionality based on the business needs of DiscountNow. Additionally, I worked with the team and management to discuss best practices for UX and user-engagement on the site.

Themis Bar Review

Tech Support Representative

March 2012 - Dec 2013


Responsible for site content updates using HTML/CSS/javascript, fielding questions and managing customer expectations through various avenues such as Phone, Email, and through the in-app messaging system. Worked on small, front-end site enhancements during this time.

Capstone game design project (Student Work)

Columbia College Chicago Student Interactive Arts & Media

GraduationYear 2011


25 person team-based project in which the task was to complete a game in two semesters. Skills demonstrated included: creating features and functionality, project management, time management, maintaining clarity in design documents as well as documenting actions taken during the project, troubleshooting software or hardware problems as they arose such as SVN, pipeline, or graphic problems; managing the different divisions of the project (art, design, programming, etc.) to come together in a cohesive way, asset creation, debugging code.



B.A. Game Design,

Columbia College Chicago 2011

Professional and personal references available upon request