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Resource Lists

These are a great way to create bibliographies for your teachers and students to peruse to locate excellent resources for reading and resource.  You can email lists to teachers and staff (if their email address is in the email field of their patron record).  You can also have staff members login to create their own lists to make public or to email to you for requested items.

Go to Catalog=>Resource List

Please be certain to click on Make this list Public (your school or the district)in order to have it be visible to all users.  Then, do a search for the materials you want to add to the list.  Click the “Add to List Button” to include the individual materials in the list.

Public Lists

Make certain to enable the Guest access to see public lists because that is how users who are not logged in will be able to view them.  Go to Back Office=>Access Levels=> Guest

Emailing Resource Lists

After you have created a Resource List, you can choose to email it to a particular user:

Remember the email will default to whoever is logged in and to the email in Email 1.  If you want to change this, type in the name of the person and email address to whom you want to send the list.  The person does not need to be a Destiny user or have his/her email address in the email field.

Collaborative Resource Lists

Destiny now allows you add co-owners to lists.  For example, you may want to work on a collaborative with a teacher to create a list of Resources for a project.  You find the books and database articles; he or she finds the websites with OneSearch.  You can work with another librarian in a different school to identify resources for a public district list.

You also want to have students or groups of students create combined bibliographies (Information Guides) for research projects and assignments.

When you create a new list, assign a co-owner.  If you have already created a list, you can click on the Edit button to assign a co-owner.

You can also add your lists to Destiny Collections!