Lesson Plan
Introduction to iPads &

Club Overview


  1. Subject: Introduction to using an iPad/Group Icebreaker
  2. Topic or Unit of Study: Making a Vision Board
  3. Grade/Level: 6th - 8th
  4. Objective:

To introduce the iPads and club overview while getting to know knew members.

  1. Time Allotment: 1 hour 50 minutes


  1. Introductions/Ice breaker
  2. LEAP Survey
  3. iPad Agreement
  4. Go over different types of videos
  5. Go over course outline
  6. Independent Practice: Students will use the Pic EDU, Spark Video, or Vibes to create a vision board expressing their own personal style, and what they hope to get out of the club.
  7. Closing: Students will present their collages.


Safe Web Surfing


How to Videos:

3-D Hand

Separate Egg Yolk

How to be popular

Game Play Videos

Hello Neighbor


Minecraft: How to play as a Dragon


Nintendo Switch


Back to School Pranks

Comedy Skit

Loud Librarian

Super Dude

Stop Animation

Magic Water


Green Screen

How to use Do Ink

Materials & Resources

  1. Instructional Materials:
  1. iPads
  2. Chargers
  3. Pic EDU app
  4. Spark Video App
  1. Resources:
  1. Wifi Password
  2. Projector hookup?


Their videos/collages