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Grab a fist full of fried Twinkies and shove it straight into your mouth
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Grab a fist full of fried Twinkies and shove it straight into your mouth

You thought it was the end of your world when Hostess closed its doors and those towering cream crusted golden beauties quit being available to the world, but wait! We've done some serious experimenting with this time-honoured favourite. After we got up from our collective sobbing marathon, it quickly became apparent that Twinkies are in fact fried before they're filled. Hence: Deep Fried Twinkies!

Now you don't have to feel guilty about eating deep fried sugary dough anymore because these babies are so tasty (and not just because of their soothing lack of fake ingredients)! Enjoy a full box for breakfast or toss them into your next potluck as something refreshingly different while still encompassing the signature flavour Americans adore.

What is the taste of Twinkies?

These Twinkies are deep fried to gooey perfection with a creamy custard centre. The crispy sugary exterior is every sweet dessert lover's dream come true. We all know the gooey goodness of a Twinkies. We have deep-fried them and now they're even BETTER. They don't need to be frozen, so we recommend eating them straight from the fryer. Twinkies are a snack cake/dessert. They have two parts, the outer crumb (cake) and the inner filling (creme).

Deep Fried Twinkies are a premium choice for anyone who craves a deliciously indulgent snack. Whether it’s evening or morning, these fluffy morsels are sure to leave even the most devoted dieters satisfied. With four decadent flavours including Panda Pleasure, Creamy Outer Space, Strawberry Delightful Dessert and Secret Sauce Supreme there is something for everybody!

Have A Playful Take On Table With Fried Twinkies

Want a treat that’s out of this world? Then, you have to try one of the fried Twinkies. Our sweet and crispy snack turns your sugary dreams into reality with just the right amount of tenderness. Watch as the golden pastry bakes inside the oil before digging into this playful take on breakfast.

Cooked to golden perfection, dipped in deep milk chocolate or dusted with powdered sugar and served up on an oversized silver tray is the Holy Grail: deep fried twinkies. It’s like getting to enjoy every one of your favourite childhood treats on a single gooey plate.

These are perfect for carnival-goers, working late-night shift employees and midnight snack aficionados everywhere. Sneak one of these chocolate stuffed delights right out of the freezer! For decades you've been a dreamer, but now it's finally time to take that chance with these hot creamsicle-filled goodies. Tangy cream is wrapped up nicely in fluffy yellow sponge cake - all deep-fried and ready for your kiddo's or big kid’s taste buds. Original flavour without the guilt!

Why are Twinkies so popular?

Twinkies are universally love Deep Fried d, butTwinkies are ridiculously irresistible. Made by a time-tested process of heat and frying (not deep-frying), our delicately sweet-and-salty old favourite will melt in your mouth like an angel's wings. It's the perfect treat for when you're feeling especially decadent! Go ahead: indulge in these sinfully delicious treats today. Doesn't it feel good to be bad too?

Twinkies, the American favourite made in-house with fresh ingredients. Can we tempt you for a taste of our newest creation? What can be better than fried goodness and deep-fried Twinkies are no exception! Serving them piping hot right out of that delicious fryer until they're crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. With their interiors now filled with both cream cheese and fluffy, decadent custard creating an irresistible melody of flavours - these deep-fried beauties will have you coming back for more.

Make Them Now!

Forget about getting the perfect figure. With Deep Fried Twinkies, you'll be satisfied and full of magic even if your thighs are big enough to soundtrack an opera. The result is a creamy, delectable choco-dipped demon that magically slips down your throat so easily that you might have to buy a new vacuum cleaner just to suck up all the leftovers! Order now before this sneaky devil eats away at your willpower.