Montclair PTO Meeting Minutes

October 11, 2017

Members in attendance: Mike Pringle, Wendy Pringle, Luis Quilantan, Jake Shores, JP Dion, Corinna Yballe, Sandy Ehlert, Kari Smith, Kilee Woodburn, Ross Bradshaw, Amanda Elliott, Lauren Dahl, Sean Leverty, Peter James

  1. Call to Order - 7:05
  1. Approve meeting minutes and video from September 2017, motion made and seconded
  1. Introductions
  2. Principal Update - Sean Leverty
  1. Events of a difficult week
  1. Flight Team activated, school psychologists and counselors arrive and helped/took over routines/procedures with a timeline activities for students, staff
  2. In this case, Flight Team worked in concert with Washington County Dept of Health, who then takes over messaging and message
  3. Encourage Montclair School community to know that a family is still grieving
  4. Give insight as to BSD and Montclair’s response in a situation such as this
  1. Teacher Liaison Update - Amanda Elliott
  1. Fun Run was a success!
  2. Potential addition of Starfall program for Kindergarten
  3. Fund matching (Sandy Ehlert) - Corporations that match 1:1 for employees who volunteer/donate
  1. Provide links to company matching on PTO website
  2. Provide a form on PTO donations to list eligible employers
  3. Sometimes matching goes to the district and then to Montclair, not necessarily in time for the event’s timeline
  1. President Update - Mike Pringle
  1. Thanks to Fun Run team
  2. Thanks to PTO Board
  3. Tina Teed will be in to discuss holiday clothing drive for BSD Clothes Closet
  1. Vice President Update - Lauren Dahl
  1. Dine out for dollars - next one is Tuesday 10/17 @ Chipotle
  2. Setting up more than one per month
  3. Montclair Wear - contacted graphic design, Baloney Sandwich Design - Bonfire product fulfillment
  4. Value Village Fundraiser - pay per pound for clothing, books
  1. Treasurer Update - Ross Bradshaw
  1. Fun Run counting party, bills are paid up
  2. Fun Run results (Wendy Pringle)
  1. $18364 as of 10/11, more funds to come on
  2. Pizza party is in Fidler’s class, Ice Cream party is in Barnes’ class, individual winners to be announced, Mr. Leverty will be working for Jo Fidler
  3. Fun Run Team: Debbie Dion, Kari Smith, Kelley Stine, Kelly Layman, Mindy Gray, CarolAnne Tsai
  1. Secretary Update - Peter James
  1. Campaign for Carlos update - $5000 at 2 days, more to come
  1. Volunteer Coordinators Update - Corinna Yballe & Becky O’Donnell
  1. Fun Run volunteer thank you!
  2. Harvest Fest - Friday 10/27 - opportunities on MVP
  3. Book Fair opportunities for Morning of Friday, 10/27, including set-up
  4. Hawk Shop - Friday opportunities are at lunch time
  5. November - Montclair’s BSD Clothes closet staffing
  1. Round Table
  1. Jake Shores - Auction - tentatively Saturday, February 24th
  1. Ticket pre-sales to begin at Harvest Fest
  2. Contact Jake Shores, Tracy Meurisse, Courtney Cronk at or Volunteer Coordinators to help with auction prep, auction committee action items
  3. If you have ideas for donations or sponsors, please contact at email above
  1. Sandy Ehlert - Ben Ehlert would like to use balance of grounds beautification budget to construct a bench in the garden - Spring 2018 project
  1. Adjourn - 8:00 pm(Everyone invited to Old Market Pub for a “debrief”)