3 Column Table


BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) – Overarching Course Goal:

Students will use an ePortfolio to reflect, collaborate and make meaningful connections through the learning process to prepare them for post-secondary life by enabling them to be lifelong learners.  


Learning Goals

Learning Activities

Assessment Activities

Foundational Goals:

Learners will determine the relevancy, the “why”, of using an ePortfolio.

  • Create an ePortfolio


Application Goals:

Learners will analyze and identify how to use the technological tools.



  • Create a blog post

Integration Goals:                                                           

Learners will connect content to their personal interests to their post-secondary lives.




  • Create a blog post
  • Post/assignment submission of post-secondary interests


Human Dimensions Goals:

Learners will interact with others online, by sharing their goal of ePortfolios and sharing feedback.

  • Review the points made in the previous netiquette video.
  • Students will work in groups and present about uses of ePortfolios.  Students will practice giving feedback to the presenting groups.
  • Students will complete a discussion post and give feedback on other posts.
  • Students will create a discussion post and give feedback on others’ posts.
  • Students will give feedback on others’ ePortfolios
  • Project and presentation

Caring Goals:

Learners will adopt a Holistic Learning and lifelong learner approach by taking ownership for their ePortfolio and learning independently.

  • Holistic Learning Activity
  • Individual presentation on the individual students learning process and reflection.
  • Reflection on Holistic Learning blog post
  • Rubric for the self-directed assignment

Learning-How-To-Learn Goals:

Learners will analyze their learning journey and demonstrate how to create content, to be added to the ePortfolio, that they will use in their post-secondary life.  This will ensure that they continue to develop and use their ePortfolio.



  • In class discussion on ePortfolios
  • End of the course reflection blog post


  • Reflection blog post
  • Teacher ePortfolio check