Spartan Cafe:






Adult Commitments

  • Remind students of expectations for convocations.
  • Sit with your class during presentations.
  • Acknowledge students who meet the expectations.

Student Expectations

  • Be an active listener= ears listening, eyes watching, lips closed.
  • Use patience while waiting.
  • Ask appropriate questions if given the opportunity.

The 8th grade boys basketball A team lost to Tri-North Bloomington 39-53. Scoring for the Spartans were:

Julius Dailey 17

Leon Brown 11

Caleb Martoccia 5

Ethan Duncan 2

Cole Lawson 2

Damon Edwards 2

The 8th grade boys basketball B team beat Tri-North 59-35. Scoring for the Spartans were:

Tanner Fischer 16

Damon Edwards 14

Nate Imlay 9

Collin Crawford 8

Lucas Iorio 8

In 7th grade action last night - the Spartan A team was defeated by Tri-North. Scoring was tough and Jacob Dettmer had 2 points.

In the B game, the Spartans came up short 26-21. Larry Chen lead the way with 10 points.