Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings. Resistance and change often begin in art..  -Ursula Le Guin, Speech at National Book Foundation's Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters Award, 2014

In this Climate Strike Arts Kit you will find designs you can use, art-making how-to guides, street murals, group photo tips, songs and music tips, and more. These images may not be used for for-profit uses. Please credit the artist for online and printed materials use. We are adding new art, so check back.

--David Solnit, Climate Strike Arts Organizer

Table of Contents

Designs for Strike Sign-Making

Poster Designs For You To Use

Block Print Designs

How to guides

Stencils for signs and flags

Street Murals

Song and music

Group photo tips

Additional Resources

Designs for Strike Sign-Making

Here are some designs you can use to make strike signs-along with the stencil designs below and the stencil guide to make your own. Here are some Tips for Making Signs from Design Downloads-ways to make bigger signs, using the black and white version to hand color from a printer or copier and how to put them on cardboard or other rigid backing.

Green New Deal Arts Project: Signs of the Times

A handful of engaged artists created and shared these brand new images that people can carry in the streets; you can make signs, create posters, screen print them on fabric or paper, print stickers, project them on walls at night, use them online, copy or print the black and white versions and hand color them with watercolors, colored pencils and markers.

The Green New Deal Arts Project is a collaboration of and Labor Network  for Sustainability. Artists in order of images below are: Molly Crabapple, Jan Burger, Mona Caron, Ricardo Levins Morales, and Isaac Murdoch

Download images(Spanish and French of some designs) and learn about the artists at:



Poster Designs For You To Use

Jhon Cortes (About the Artist)

Color Poster Designs (including translations: Spanish, Portugese, Dutch, German, French, Indonesian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Ukranian)

Tacy Prins Woodlief

Download here

Oree Originol (About the Artist and Nalleli Cobo, pictured in the design,)

Poster Designs color for color printing, black and white for hand coloring.

Christi Belcourt (about the artist)

Poster Designs--color for color printing, black and white for hand coloring.

No amount of money can buy back a people’s river.

No amount of money can buy back the sea.

The Trans Mountain Pipeline cannot be built.

Because we love the rivers.

Because we love the sea.

Because we love this sacred earth.

We will defend our home.

We will defend our water.

-Christ Belcourt

Mona Caron (about the artist)

Poster Design (Sunflower Translations in Spanish, French, Portugese, German, Dutch, Chinese, Indonesian, Turkish, Japanese, Russian, Ukranian)

#YOUTHVGOV Jason Justice designs (About the Artist AND #YOUTHVGOV)

These designs were made for the #YouthvGov youth suing the US Government. 

Just Seeds Artists and Allies

11″ x 17″ Downloads, additional images and Just Seeds website.

Just Seeds artists made these new images to support Global Climate Strikes. With printmakers from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, Just Seeds believes in the transformative power of personal expression in concert with collective action. Artists included: Sanya Hyland, Nicolas Lampert, Iván Arenas, Eric Garcia, Jesse Purcell, Josh MacPhee, Roger Peet, Erik Ruin.

Paperhand artists (about Paperhand artists)

11x17 poster with space on to add local event info/contact

Translations: Spanish, Portugese, Chinese, Turkish, Ukranian, German, Japanese, Indonesian, French HERE. Black and white versions can be printed and hand-colored--great for a Climate Strike art-making party.

Emily Thiessen (about the artist)

Poster, facebook, Instagram and screen print designs 

(if this link doesn’t work, log into and try again)

Cesar Maxit (about the artist)

11x17 poster with space on the bottom to add local event info/contact and a square design for social media


David Solnit

11x17 posters you may use to promote the Climate Strike

Block Print Designs

Sara Sato

Block Print Designs you can use to promote the Climate Strike

Painting Flags and Banners

How to guides

Stencils for signs and flags

Street Murals

Painting street murals on pavement with non-toxic tempera or clay paint is spreading across North America. Here’s some examples (including the largest ever 5 block long street mural) and here’s a How to Paint a Street Mural Guide.

Street mural painted by many hands (IFH students) with non-toxic tempera and clay paint

Song and music

We gonna strike cuz the water is rising

We gonna strike

Cuz our people are dying

We’re gonna strike for life

And everything we love

We’re gonna - Strike for you

Will you strike for us?!

We’re gonna - strike for you

Will you strike for us?!

Group photo tips

Additional Resources